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Sea World San Diego Pics? Late 80's to early 90s?


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  • Sea World San Diego Pics? Late 80's to early 90s?

    Hey there, was just going down memory lane and was looking online and could not find many if any pictures or videos of Sea World San Diego during the late 80's or 90's. I remember there being one or two large hedge-mazes near the parks entrance. Also, I remember the giant chess pieces set up near where all the tall flags were (i think this was on the far east side of the park where the brewery stuff is now). Also, I remember on the very far east side of the park, there used to be a theater stage for nighttime shows... I believe this was near the area where Mission Bermuda Triangle is? Seamore and Clyde was also my favorite show, with the mystery of Surlaw :P

    Does anyone have pictures or videos of Sea World during that time frame? It would be nice to revisit the past if possible .

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    Sadly, all my photos are packed away, so it would take a LONG time to dig them out and scan them. Maybe when I retire in 11 years or so.
    However, I do remember the chess board, as well as a very large map of the US in the area you described, just to the right of the entrance. As I recall, it was part of an education center, seemingly for teachers. We had a good time there, in our early 20s.
    I don't remember a nightime stage, but I remember fondly and miss the dancing waters show, that I think was in the same spot (I think. I could be wrong about the location.)

    I, too would love to see photos of the "good ol' days" of Sea World. All those wonderful grassy garden areas, the underwater show where you watched through glass. Later that became a home for the Commerson's Dolphins. So many changes, and the only "rides" were the skyride and the tower. It actually was about the animals.

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