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Sesame Street Characters at Sea World Orlando.

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  • [Question] Sesame Street Characters at Sea World Orlando.

    Looking through the brochures for Sea World I see that they have the Sesame Street characters in the park. I'm curious how much they're in the park in Orlando and in what places I'll find them? I'm considering taking my 2 year old son there this summer. He is crazy about Elmo. In fact looking through the brochure the other day, he saw a picture of Elmo and just kept screaming Elmo, Elmo, Elmo over and over.

    So before I promise him that we're going to go to Sea World and see Elmo I want to make sure to what level the characters are incorporated there. I haven't been to Sea World since I was a kid, so I'm sure much has changed since then.

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    Re: Sesame Street Characters at Sea World Orlando.

    I'm not sure about Orlando, but in San Diego the Sesame Street characters have their own area called the Bay of Play. They also have a 4-D movie and a character breakfast featuring Elmo and friends. Looking at the park map in Orlando, it appears that is also a Breakfast with Elmo dining event, too. I don't think the 4-D film or the Bay of Play exist in Orlando, but I can't be sure. You might want to look for a 1-2-3 Smile With Me area, where the Sesame characters do a meet and greet. You're not going to normally just find Sesame Street characters wandering the park FYI. Have fun!
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      Re: Sesame Street Characters at Sea World Orlando.

      If this means I can get a pic with Cookie Monster... I'm there!