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Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!


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  • Trip Report Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

    My family spent a week in Orlando from June 27 through July 3. we spent one day at Sea World.

    We headed straight back to Shamu's Happy Harbor. I have learned from past experience that the smartest thing to do is get all the kid's rides out of the way while everyone is in the first Shamu show. You can usually ride them more than once before the first show lets out. The stadium is right next to Happy Harbor and when that first show lets out it's like a flood of 5,0000 people, and most head right for Happy Harbor.

    The Sea Carousel

    Swishy Fishies

    Ocean Comotion
    I can't ride this one because of my vertigo.

    Jazzy Jellies

    Flying Fiddler

    Shamu Coaster

    See those clouds? After we were finishing up all the rides the bottom fell out and it pretty much rained off and on all day.


    On to the sharks!

    Not a shark....

    That green thing is not a plant, it is a sea dragon.

    Now, for some strange reason, in the middle of the shark exhibit building is a small corner dedicated to frogs.
    We had fun playing find the frog in the cases because some of them were really good at blending in.


    Next it was on to the penguins.



    We decided to eat at the only table service restaurant in Sea World....Sharks.

    The restaurant has the tanks on one side that are the same as seen from inside the Shark Encounter exhibit.

    Beef En Croute
    (translation: metloaf wrapped in pastry)

    Mixed grill plate

    I just had a salad and bruschetta

    The girls had pasta that came with a cute little gummy shark.

    That gummy shark didn't have a chance!

    Weather only a duck could love....

    After lunch we decided to walk all the way back across the park to work off some of our lunch and go explore Wild Arctic.

    Polar Bear


    At this point we went back outside and it was raining heavy again so we decided to call it a day.

    I took a panoramic from the boardwalk of the waterfront.

    I then decided I wanted to at least see the new coaster Manta. After watching it a few times I decided I was riding that! I was the only one who would so I checked the time...only a 15 minute wait. I was there! This is the first horizontal coaster I've ever done. It was the most intense experience I've ever had on a coaster. The one major loop, you are going backwards and upside down. I can at least say I did it but I don't think I will ever do it again.

    We didn't do any of the shows and never even made it into quite a few sections of the park. This park could easily take 2 days if you wanted to watch all the shows, see all the animals and ride the rides. We bought the Fun Card so we will be going back again this year.
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    Originally posted by larasound
    am I the burrito man?

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    Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

    Thanks for the photos. We are planning on spending two days at Sea World during our upcoming trip to Orlando in August. I have never been there, so I am really looking forward to it.


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      Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

      Sounds like fun, except for the rain! Better luck next time you go. I always like Sea World out here, so I'm sure yours is great.
      I want my cake back!


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        Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

        I want a Shamumobile!!!!

        Looks like you had a great time. And thanks for the tip about Happy Harbor. I think we'll take that advice when we go in Sept.


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          Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

          That Manta coaster looks amazing..I can't wait till my next trip when I get to ride..shame my boyfriend won't be going on..but at least I will have someone to hold the bags


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            Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

            I've always been impressed with Sea World-an excellent rival for all things Disney. Sea World has a theme that's consistent and is always trying to do new things.

            Looks like a good time. Thank you so very much for sharing.

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              Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

              i want that gummy shark


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                Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

                Somehow eating seafood at Seaworld seems a little weird to me...just like eating red meat at the zoo. You wonder if you just ate an exhibit that didn't quite work out as planned.....

                Cool pics...I must try that roller coaster!!


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                  Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

                  Oh my goodness, what a great trip report! Such wonderful pictures and tips! Thank you so much for sharing. Sea World Orlando really is a great park! Those who never venture outside of WDW are really missing something fun and different.
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                    Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

                    Originally posted by EvilQueenRocks View Post


                    Funny story: when we were house hunting last summer, we went to an open house right up the street from us. The house next door had this car in the driveway. Why? I don't know...we live in New York. The closest Sea World from us is Orlando.

                    Great TR! We'll make it out to Sea World one day. I do want to see it!
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                      Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

                      My hubby and I have to visit Sea World Orlando on our next trip for sure. Awesome pics Linda.


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                        Re: Sea World Orlando 6/30/2009 Pic Heavy!

                        Wonderful pictures! Thanks for the pics Linda


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