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SeaWorldORLANDO not enforcing masks or social distancing


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  • SeaWorldORLANDO not enforcing masks or social distancing

    Rob Alvey of Theme Park Review (who teamed with Micechat to Scary Farm a while back) had an excellent video about visiting Universal Orlando. My favorite moment was when he & his wife held up Cokes in a Harry Potter land and proclaimed, "Suck it J.K.!" He loved Universal Orlando and was happy that guests could skip preshows because of the COVID-19 precautions.
    he was horrified that Sea World Orlando was not enforcing their mask policy inside the park
    and he said that most Sea World customers were not wearing masks and were not social distancingin lines.

    Here's a link to his photo tour/review of Sea World Orlando:
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    At 15:00 in this video where "Prince Charming Dev" praises Busch Gardens Tampa for its efforts to prevent COVID
    from spreading, he also criticizes Sea World Orlando:

    In today's video I head back to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay just days after the grand reopening of the park after the global pandemic. I show you all of the new ...

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