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  • [Pictures] Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

    My picture threads consist of images I have taken that focus on the architecture, landscape architecture, planning, design, and theming of the facilities highlighted. They may also contain short descriptions and commentary, but will not focus on construction progress or special events or memorabilia or food selections or my traveling companions. Hopefully these threads are a good introduction for those who have not seen these places yet. All killer, no filler!

    Sea World San Antonio photographed in April 2010:
    This marine park is a hybrid of aquatic zoo and aquarium with some rides and non-marine life shows. Its attractions are set around a central lake and surrounded by native Texas plantings.


    Sharks/The Coral Reef:
    This nice aquarium complex features a large coral reef tank and a large sharks tank as well as 10 smaller tanks.

    Penguin Encounter:
    This indoor exhibit has a massive Antarctic penguin habitat in a chilly environment behind glass as well as a similar smaller one for their Arctic counterparts, puffins and murres.

    Conservation Center:
    An indoor complex of 13 small terrariums mostly features reptiles and amphibians.

    Alligator Alley:
    American alligators and some turtles occupy a swampy pond on the edge of the park's central lake.

    Flamingo and Waterfowl Exhibit:

    Rocky Point Preserve:
    A large habitat for California sea lions and harbor seals is the main attraction here, and they can be fed fish for a fee. Two small adjoining habitats for Asian small-clawed otters lead to a final habitat for endangered Hawaiian monk seals which are not regularly displayed anywhere else.

    Sea Lion Theater:
    In front of Rocky Point Preserve is this stadium with a stage set themed to the Monterey, California wharf that has a show called 'Cannery Row Caper'.

    Dolphin Cove:
    This tank contains Atlantic bottlenose dolphins which can be petted, and fed fish for a fee.

    Beluga Theater:
    'Azul' is the new show in this stadium and features Pacific white-sided dolphins and belugas as well as swimmers, divers, and acrobats.

    Shamu Stadium:
    Orcas are the stars of the show 'Believe' shown here; there are 6 of them here, including a baby born earlier this year.

    Shamu's Happy Harbor:
    A children's play area with one ride: a kiddie caoster called Shamu Express.

    The Great White:
    A suspended rollercoaster.

    Steel Eel:
    An extensive, but rather short for this type, hypercoaster.

    Journey To Atlantis:
    This boat flume ride is very different from the rides with the same name at both Sea World San Diego and Orlando, which are also different from one another. This one is by far the weakest and minimally themed.

    Texas Splashdown:
    A long flume ride with two different drops.

    Rio Loco:
    This rapids raft ride follows a course through a native landscape of oaks but was closed and drained when I visited.

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    Re: Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

    Great post! I always appreciate the level of thought behind your threads and pictures.

    This park does not seem to be as themed as the other Sea Worlds but still looks nice!


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      Re: Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

      Sea world san antonio definitely has one of my favorite sea lion shows anywhere , well themed and great actors make it very fun. Believe and shamu stadium on the other hand is layed out pretty akwardly making it difficult for the whales to do any stunts jumps simlar to the other two parks. Great trip report thanks for sharing


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        Re: Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

        their journey to Atlantis is themed worse than Orlando's? must SUCK!

        The penguin encounter looks just like Orlando's.....that's my daughter's favorite thing. Clyde and Seamore are still my favorite. Those sea lions are just too cute!

        Great pictures of the alligators and ducks! That turtle on the gator is hilarious.


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          Re: Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

          This park seems very "old school". Lots of things that have been around for decades. However, when compared to Orlando, I can say that this park is on my list of places I want to visit, where as Orlando (before Manta*) was the other park that we do here when we need a break from Disney and Orlando.

          Something about the rides makes me think I could still enjoy it. There are only so many shows I can handle.

          Nice photos.

          *I said "before Manta" because now Manta is my favorite coaster in Orlando...and I'll go for any excuse to go ride it.

          Originally posted by Stitchy View Post
          their journey to Atlantis is themed worse than Orlando's? must SUCK!
          Orlando's? Really? I mean the story made no sense to me, but the ride certainly looked cool. San Diego's looks unfinished (the third tower). At least San Antonio's is a unique, cool-looking system.
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            Re: Sea World San Antonio - Pictures

            I agree, this park is very "old school" and a bit bland.


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