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Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival


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  • Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

    While Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is not one of my favorite places it's been years since I've been and now that I have a 3 year old I decided it was time to try it out again!!

    We went on Sunday, September 7th which was a lovely day! Nice and Sunny and not 100 degrees! Plus it was Bell Helicopter Family day so the park was closing at 7:00 for us Bell family members and we were looking forward to having the park all to ourselves!!

    First sign of the Taste of Texas event!! A working mule in the parking lot!! They were making cane syrup

    There were lots of fall decorations around as it was the Best of Texas Festival! Lots of independent booths were set up and run by local and statewide crafters and such. It was strange to see booths just set up anywhere and everywhere!! It made the walkways crowded so it was a good thing there wasn't a huge crowd!! I liked looking at all the stuff the merchants had but was too busy riding Six Flags rides to really have time to investigate. I imagine if I'd been a Season Pass Holder it would have been a lot of fun to enjoy. There was a ton of interesting food being offered. (Texas food). But we had a picnic planned in the Pavillions for Bell Employees so we didn't spend much on food.

    The park was strange!! Seemed crowded in the walkways but most of the rides were walk-ons!! Even the only roller coaster we attempted!! I was wishing I was a touch younger and still loved Roller Coasters because it would have been a great day!!! But I'm older and my head hurts easier so we mostly stuck with the kiddie rides for my son!

    We started in Looney Tune land which had a lot of nice kid rides but nothing really for adults to enjoy. That is one thing that is infinitely better at Disneyland. Everything there is for Families. Pretty good themeing though in this area!

    My son and husband

    Having fun!

    This little ride had a drop sequence that reminded me of Tower of Terror! Lol. My kid LOVED it. . .some of them not so much!

    Pretty Water. . .

    Little Kid RollerCoaster, like Gadget's Go Go Coaster in Toon Town

    The three of us. (My Mom took it. . She's got mad photography skillz!)

    Lots of Pretty flowers all over!

    Very cool sign!

    Wyatt's Papaw is a goofball!!

    As you can see, most of my day was spent sitting on a bench watching my kid have the time of his life!! He has no fear!! He rode everything he could ride and really wanted to go on the Texas Giant. (the big wooden roller coaster!!) He was too short still for some of the bigger rides but he got to ride the mini-mine train and loved it!!

    We also rode AquaMan Splash down (which used to be just Splash Water Falls. . ) and he very cutely smiled up at me after we were drenched from the steep plunge and said "I WASN't EXPECTING THAT!!! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" So i'm thinking Splash Mountain will be a breeze!! Yay!

    Headed into France to ride Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure. . .or something like that.

    On the way there were more Best of Texas booths.

    It's almost FALL!!

    Lots of cool Texas music is tucked away all over the park!

    Map. ..

    Ready for Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure. (or whatever it's called)

    On the ride!!! This is the only themed dark ride at Six Flags. It's pretty well done!

    Elmer Fudd's bank has been wobbed!

    Bugs asks for assistance!

    Speedy Gonzales recruits us as deputies!

    Daffy Duck tries to sell us stuff!

    Porky Pig rides to the rescue as well!

    Not a good plan!

    Bugs Bunny wins again!

    Speedy Gonzales says "Thanks Deputies"

    We were going to go up here but it closed as we were in line. Not enough people to staff it. . .

    Waiting in line for the boot-scooter. Another of those carnival rides.

    Wyatt rode this with his Papaw while my Mom and Husband went and rode The Texas Giant.

    Then we hopped on the train to ride around the park. . .

    Wyatt loves trains. . he said this one is James. . (from Thomas the Tank Engine.)

    Does that include your nose?

    Cattle car. . .I mean train car. .

    The Giant. . .looks rickety to me.

    Themeing next to the tracks. Someone needs to feed that horse pronto!!!

    Not entirely PC

    Never going to get clean like that!

    Indian Village. .

    Very sweet boy. (He was holding on to Momma. . . which is rare since he hit his "I can do it" phase.)

    Looking around on the train. .

    Dancing bones. . .

    Crazy Grandparents

    Everyone off!!! They made everyone depart the train once we made the round trip so they could fuel up.

    Newest ride. . Tony Hawk's something or another. Can you tell I spent a lot of time reading signs?

    After all those shots my head started hurting so we didn't get any more photos. Sent my camera home with my parents after dinner and we tried to stay until 10:00. Lol. Didn't make it!! 8:50 and we were on our way home! It was a good day and I'm sure we'll go again soon. (like around Christmas because we got free passes to go for Holiday in the Park when we purchased our Bell Day tickets.)

    If you made it this far WOW! That was a lot of pictures!!! Thanks for reading (or looking) along!

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    Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

    Great pictures! The last time I was at Six Flags over Texas was..... 1988! :lol: Yeah, I think its probably a bit different now!

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      Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

      Just a little different! Lol. Although I still get as lost as I did back then. . ..


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        Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

        Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! It was mighty nice of the weather to cooperate and be not so blazing hot. My word, that boy is growing! And it sounds like he is going to be a daredevil. Can you believe all the roller coasters that place has?

        I have to confess that I never knew they had events, like the Taste of Texas thing, but I guess it adds an extra twist to your visit and probably draws in a few extra people. It is interesting the way you have to maneuver through the park already so I can imagine the walkways being congested. How'd your mom do with all the walking? Good practice for Disneyland!

        Great report and photos! :thumbup: Wyatt's face never changed on the airplane ride that went up and down but that poor little girl next to him, ahhh. :cfrown: I love the cutout photos! I missed those when we went. Garry makes a lovely gymnast! You got a lot of great shots all over the park but I can't believe you gave up your camera so early in the day!

        So do tell, I bet you were comparing it to Disneyland all the way home, right? That's how we passed the time on the ride home! Well, other than complaining about the long drive and all the traffic.:rant:
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          Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

          Great pictures. We were at Six Flags Over Texas about 4 years ago. I want to go back as it is one of our favorite Six Flags parks.

          The TX Giant is fun, but make sure you sit in the front car if you ever do go on it.


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            Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

            Hey, you're right down the road from me! I can see Bell Helicopter out the window on clearer days, like right now.

            Anyway, great pictures! I totally forgot about the Tony Hawk thingy opening and now I really want to go to Six Flags. The last time we were there, I rode that boot scootin' thing why my youngest many times in a row while we waited for the others to ride Texas Giant. I can still feel it. :lol:

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              Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

              Thanks everyone!! It was certainly no Disneyland!!

              And All Aglow that's amazing!! I didn't think very many people lived around here! We actually live an hour away from my hubbies work but that's because we have lots of animals!


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                Re: Six Flags Over Texas: Best of Texas Festival

                I grew up around there and haven't been since the 80's. I don't even recognize the place! Thanks for the TR...
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