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Magic Mountain traffic - the end is near


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  • Magic Mountain traffic - the end is near

    Starting Tuesday, 01/13/09, the southbound entrance to the 5 freeway will close and not re-open until March 1.

    The southbound 5 exit and northbound onramp will re-open on Tuesday as well.

    Once this project is done, traffic will flow much easier into and out of MM.
    "And yes, we implore EVERYBODY to follow the park rules. Having off-ride footage is great, but any still photo's or video's taken ON the coasters at SFMM are strictly against the rules. They are there for your (and everybody's) safety." "Six Flags doesn't allow ANY loose articles on their coasters, and they don't allow video taping on their coasters. " BUT, "​ This is not true. Six Flags does not allow ANY On-Ride video or pictures on the rides. The ONLY way is if you get explicit permission from Park Management." ???

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    Re: Magic Mountain traffic - the end is near

    Well, we'd all like to think so...


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