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Thrill the World at Discovery Kingdom Trip Report!


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  • Thrill the World at Discovery Kingdom Trip Report!

    Not only was FrightFest going on at Sixflags on the 24th, Thrill the World event was also there. Basically, many people around the world were attempting to break the record for the most people doing the Thriller dance at the same time. It was pretty cool to see Sixflags participate in this recordbraking event. It was a fun event and I think everyone enjoyed watching it.

    I used to go to FrightFest every year except last year due to Great America finally getting in the Halloween spirit. I do recommend Great America's Haunt , but it was nice to be at SixFlags again.
    Anyways... On to the pictures.

    You can go through the cemetery, right after buying the Flash Pass! =]

    They decorated the area pretty nice. I know your getting scared.

    One of the best ideas ever. I know in 2007 they didn't do this.

    Play in the fountain.... And then you look like him.

    The Thrill the World event was packed. It was right at the entrance and we were lucky to be able to be close to the front. Dancers were given something to wrap around them.

    The crowd and our wrapped dancers.

    The two of three lead dancers.

    The dancers were then wrapped in toilet paper and put to sleep.

    Yes thats my mom. She got major cool points lol.

    Then they awoke, doing Thriller.

    After the event, crowds disappeared quickly. Funny thing is while the group was practicing, they realized they were doing the wrong routine as the rest of the world was doing. So for a couple of moments the dance group got a little lost, but they still did great for not being able to practice the true routine. Major oops for Sixflags.

    After Thrill the World, they had a little show featuring the lead dancers from the Thriller dance just before & a couple characters.

    They had a little parade after. Pretty nice and the scare actors played with the crowd a lot.

    Spiderwebs were everywhere throughout the park.

    We had to get a pic with the carrage and unfortunately it's the only picture I got of it. During the parade they did have people in it looking scared and banging on its windows.

    And then.... it turned dark. And everything became a whole lot scarier!
    I apoligize in advance for these pretty blury pics lol.
    They are truely terrifying.

    The fountain.... But now with fire. Ohh Ahh.

    Knotts has some competition on the decoration of their haunted mazes.
    Yes thats the entrance. Pretty sexy!

    The scare zone had great actors.

    They were really strict about their line cutting, so I had to pay the price.

    Medusa was even more awsome than usual because they had smoke machine coming out from under the station.

    Overall, the haunted houses lacked a lot but I think the actors did great with what they had to work with. They weren't afraid to get in your face and even while I was recording off my camera they would go scream in front of it. Though I do think Great America's Haunt is better, the haunted mazes were only $10 to go in both mazes as much as you want which is a good cheap deal. All the rides were running, but of course Roar only had one car, which makes a 10-15 min line up to at least an hour. But we still had fun and I think Fright Fest was pretty good this year.
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    Re: Thrill the World at Discovery Kingdom Trip Report!

    I'm too big of a chicken for this sort of thing, but the fountain looked cool! Thanks for the TR.
    I want my cake back!


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