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Hotels around SF Magic Mountain?


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  • Hotels around SF Magic Mountain?

    I'm going to be taking my neice to MM this July. It's the first time for both of us. It's a four hour drive from where I live so we're going to stay in a hotel the night befor and after to make the most of our day there.

    What hotel do you recommend? Has anyone used Priceline to bid on a hotel there. I have successfully used Priceline for Disneyland and San Francisco and am wondering if that's the way to go for MM as well.

    Thanks in advanced!!
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    Re: Hotels around SF Magic Mountain?

    There's a Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Hilton Garden Inn and one other that I can't remember its name right across the freeway from SFMM's entrance. A 5 minute drive away at most.

    There's also a Hyatt on McBean Pkwy about 1.5-2 miles away from SFMM's entrance, and multiple hotels including La Quinta, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Extended StayAmerica and others at the I-5/Lyons Ave. interchange a few miles south of SFMM.

    The only hotel that MUST BE AVOIDED is the Santa Clarita Motel. It is very dirty, and some very scary people loiter about the entrance routinely in the morning. Not the kind of situation you want to wake up to on your fun days!

    Hope this helps!

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      Re: Hotels around SF Magic Mountain?

      ^What he said. We've done well with Priceline and Hotwire, and have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express just down the hill, the Hyatt Valencia, and one of the moderate motel chains a couple of freeway exits south.

      The Holiday Inn is convenient, but the breakfast room is overwhelmed every time we've been there.