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Great Adventure Trip report 5/13


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  • Great Adventure Trip report 5/13

    Three of us took the 1 hour 15 min ride from South Jersey to Great Adventure 5/13. We arrived at 10:15 and waited in line to get in. it was student council day at the park and all groups had their coordinated t-shirts. Normally this means 2 hour waits but the wait times were 10-30min. Not too bad. We headed to kingd-ka first and it was closed. It would have been nice if they posted that at the entrance so everyone would have not headed there first, anyway we went on El-toro first and since everyone went towards kingda-ka first the wait was 40-min. the coaster is in my opinion probably one of the best wooden coasters anywhere. You start out with a fast climb then there is no let up or pauses, start to finish. We then went to Superman, pretty cool, then over to Nitro and Batman. After nitro we went back over via the skyride to bizzarro and then it was time for lunch. As we were walking out to the car kingda-ka started running. We ate lunch and headed to kingda-ka. The sign when we ended up in line said two hours from this point so we left and went back on superman and el-toro again, hoping that the school buses would start heading out and the line for kingda-ka would lessen. Buses started to leave so we went back to kingd-ka. We ended up at the same point a 2 hour wait. The two I was with never been on the ride so I talked them into waiting. I explained that this ride is not just a ride but an experience. It only ended up being a 1hr wait, not too bad. I believe the numbers are that it rockets you from a dead stop to 126mph in 3 seconds then 450 feet up and over the hump and and a twist on the way down. It is absolutely the most insane thing I have ever been on!!!! I have ridden it several times before but the two I went with were totally shocked and open mouthed after their first ride. Last time I was there the front row was only a two rides more of a wait so I did it. I would absolutely reccommend that you wait for the front row no matter the wait. The line was for the front was ridiculously long so they decided not to wait. Oh well.
    The weather was awesome, Brilliant sunshine-65 up to 75 degrees and the wind was a coolling northwest at 10.
    If you are like roller coasters this has to be one of the best parks anywhere in the country. It is so nice that I am only 1:15 from it.