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The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR)


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  • The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR)

    Left Moreno Valley at around 9:30, ran into very little traffic and got to the park at about 12ish after going to the Chevron across the street which has a nice selection of Icees, by the way. I saw they had a Cherry Lime flavor and was totally stoked. Cherry Limeade is my favorite drink. Didn't want it right then, so I decided to get it later after the park closed.

    Got to parking and was offered valet. Totally new to me, didn't know they did that! Didn't pick it though. Parking went to the Yosemite Sam section, where it pretty much stayed the whole day. I saw some spots way up front but the parking guides directed me to a certain area so just decided to go with that. This is where the "clean park" notion was shoved down our throats for the next 6 hours, not to mention a billion other things. But more on that later. Seriously, does EVERY SINGLE trash can have to have that motto on it? Not to mention also the employees just walking around, forcing them to pick up every single TINY piece of trash. It was overkill. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Especially when there are certain parts of the park that look trashy with leaves everywhere and rotting away wood or metal on roller coasters. Priorities people. I understand one step at a time but I'll take totally refurbished rides over a spotless floor I can drop food on and still think it's okay to eat it afterward.
    Park closed at 6 so we wasted very little time and got on a ride as soon as we got there.

    My friend had never been to the park and was fairly new to roller coasters so we did Revolution since it was right up front and thought it'd be a practice course for what was later to come. Bad idea since the line took about 20 minutes, even with 2 trains running. This ride has ran it's course and doesn't hold the same thrill anymore. It's bumpy, has way too many stop and go sections and just doesn't compact that much punch. I understand it's historical worth but it just isn't the same anymore. It definitely was one of the down points of the day and I wish we would've just skipped it. However, the ride op looked like she was having fun and the older guy seemed to be having a blast also.
    6.0 out of 10 (D-)

    Log Jammer
    I had a fairly negative experience on Jet Stream last May and an extremly negative experience on this very ride last time I went on it for Fright Fest maybe about 4 years ago (the boat was overfilling with water and SINKING). So I wasn't too thrilled about this flume but thought I'd give it a try to see if anything changed. It was a 2-3 minute wait. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Six Flags has such bumpy water rides. I thought Jet Stream was some exception but this is just beyond weird. I mean, water/fluid + fluid movement + log = bumpiness? I don't get it but anyway, the ride was pretty fun and has a great length to it. I sat in the very back to avoid as much wetness possible. There are also several drops on this ride, which is very neat. We got pretty soaked evenly, but it was a fun experience and not so bad since it was the beginning of a somewhat hot day. With a bit of theming, I can see this ride being a classic. I wouldn't even mind the bumpiness if there were a few sights to look at every once and awhile. Oh and no weird over flooding or sinking problems this time although the bottom of the log had a good 3 inches or so of water in it. Fix the water at the bottom and bumpy part, add a few deer or something and this would be a must ride. However, very fun for what it is now.
    8.8 out of (B+)

    I hadn't been on Goliath in what seemed like years but I've only ridden it twice mostly because I black out at parts and I don't find that necessarily fun. But I thought I'd give it a try again anyway. Took the very adventurous walk to the station. This queue is HUGE and I remember waiting throughout all of it when the ride first opened. What the heck was I thinking?! Anyway, walked directly up to the station and got on immediately. We sat in about the middle and took the ride up. This is a much more fun ride then I remember and I didn't black out this time. The drop and the speed down is a lot of fun but other than that, the ride could end and I'd be happy because the rest I don't care much about. We got back on again immediately after and tried to get front row but there was about a 2 train wait for it while all the others were just empty and we just felt ridiculous waiting for that so opted for 2nd and 3rd row. I liked the ride better the first time but it was still fun doing it a second time and it felt like a much different experience. I think more to the front is the way to go. We also got dry from being wet on Log Jammer after the second trip on this ride (just had to keep hands up) so that was a plus.
    8.9 out of (B+)

    Colossus had one train running but the line was moving smoothly so we waited about 15 minutes for it. The left side of the train was the one running and last year I went on the right side, which I didn't like very much. I think the same problems are prominent on the left side as well as it's the same amount of bumpiness. It's a fun ride but nowhere near as great as the others. On the plus side, we had a fun time playing "I can see my car!" And yes... we did find my car
    6.9 out of 10 (D+)

    Next up was obviously Scream and it was a walk on. This is still a very awesome ride but for some reason it just feels generic. I love how there is never a line for this and the queue area is very small. This is where I also started to realize that the ride operators were advising people to go on other rides after the ride was through. I'm sorry but I really don't like this approach. The first 2 rides I heard it, I thought it was a cool concept but ride after ride, I tried very hard to just block it out but it felt unavoidable. We decided to re-ride and got in the front for this, waiting about 2-3 minutes. The front row is definitely my favorite on this, feels like you're running on the track and pulling it up.
    8.0 out of 10/8.5 in the front (B)

    Gotham's Papa John's
    Hunger kicked in and even though I vowed to never eat at the park again, I didn't want to be the only one not eating so I decided to at least sway away from Johnny Rockets and try their Papa John's pizza. I remember it being good from a long time ago before they were sponsored by Papa John's. Yeah, sponsored is the right word because let's face it, these food tie ins in this park aren't the real deal. I don't know how this exactly works out but I don't know why they just can't get the real food (just get rid of Papa John's, I don't like them at all). Any hoot, I LOVED this pizza. 14 bucks though to add on a drink. That's not even a reasonable price but at LEAST it was good unlike the fake Johnny Rockets. I don't mind spending an arm and a leg for food at a theme park because for some odd reason I like theme park food but I want it to at least be eatable. This was not only eatable but very delicious. Even the cheese bread I liked very much. I'll eat here from now on every visit but Six Flags needs to lower the prices. I've always said if you think Disneyland is expensive, wait 'till you go to Six Flags. You'll just about drop dead in shock. My friends got full after about 2 pieces but didn't want to throw it away so we used the lockers at the front of Batman for 2 hours until about 4:55 for a dollar (which is better than paying a full $11 way at the front of the park).
    9.0 out of 10 (A)

    We played some of those carnival games after and all the operators were just begging for people to play as the walk by. However, the games seem to be a bit more cheap than I remember so this is a good thing! The fake cheeriness of the people started to get annoying. I do admit though, it's better than moody teenagers.
    8.5 out of 10 (B)

    Gold Rusher
    I love this little underestimated ride. Nobody ever expects it to be as good as it is. We needed a slow moving ride after eating so it was either this or Ninja and nobody felt like going up the summit. This was also the point where The Karate Kid advertisement had made me lose all interest in seeing the movie anymore. It was complete overload. I'll be happy if I never hear a single word about the movie again in my life. And then I saw it wrapped around the Ninja cars while on this ride. Wow. Just wow. There are no words to describe how disgusting that was (until what I saw later on Viper). Back to Goldrusher though; for this ride's age, it holds up VERY well. I was also surprised to see they got rid of the gum on the beam while going up the first lift. I thought they were only dedicated to a clean floor but that it was I think is impressive. Gold Rusher is one of my favorite rides in the park and I hope it never goes away. I think it does need trains though with new lap bar systems. They don't go down far enough. They're not NECESSARY but it helps people feel more safe, which I can totally understand. It doesn't bug me but I heard a lot of complaints. Such a fun ride and always a must for me.
    9.5 out of 10 (A)

    Batman - The Ride
    Decided to ride Batman now and the queue was up to the tunnel. I always loved this themed queue. It was about a 10 - 15 minute wait which was just fine with me. We decided to hit front row since the lines were equally long for each. Front row I think is a must since you don't have much sight on this ride. Only problem is it's too short but that's always been a problem. I also don't like the new blue color. I liked the dark brooding blackish gray. Skipped getting our stuff out of the locker and just went on with our day since we had more time before we had to get it out. [The Batmobile is very ODDLY placed. It fit better in front of Gotham City. I hope Gotham gets more rides, maybe even a dark ride. Now THAT would be cool.]
    9.0 out of 10 (A)

    Terminator: Salvation: The Ride
    Last year when I came, this was my all time favorite roller coaster not only in the park but of all time. The line was moving in increments, which I think is fine. We only had 2 sections to go through until the pre-show area. The pre-show might've actually been longer than the outside queue wait time. The cast was very into their roles which added to the atmosphere. The guy from before who rode the ride 40 some odd times within a week was working today. I didn't say hello because I'm pretty sure he had forgotten us from a year ago but it was cool to see he was still there. The last pre-show room is WAY too loud because the rest of the pre-shows don't reach that level of volume. It just seemed weird but it was still very exciting. We got on the ride and most of the carts were empty. Only the front and the back were occupied. This is a problem since there is a line outside and not all of the seats are filled. The pre-show concept needs to be tweaked so every seat is filled or else it's just a cheat knowing they could be letting more people through and you don't have to be waiting. There should be a skip the pre-show option when not all the seats are filled on the train. Even when on the ride, riding through the station, not all the spots were filled and coming back to the station, it was still pretty empty.

    Any how, we got on the ride and I was so excited to finally be back on this ride. The ride-op was doing an Ahnuld voice, which was much appreciated. The ride began... and there was no music. The single thing that made me fall in love with the ride was GONE. The ride is NOT the same, not even remotely the same and not even remotely as fun. Half of the fun element disappeared. It went from my favorite roller coaster all the way half down my list. It's now just "another wooden roller coaster." Fix this music problem or I refuse to ride again. Someone let me know when this problem is resolved. At least the FIRE was working, phew. Also, a year from when it opened, the ride has started to gain some bumpiness and lose some speed. I still enjoy the ride but it's no longer my favorite in the park without that music.
    Without the music: 8.0 out of 10 (B)

    Riddler's Revenge
    We ran all the way back to Batman, got our stuff and put it in the Riddler lockers. Big mistake. That queue is too massive to use as a 2 hour thing. The line was up to the station area but even with 2 trains running, this is the worst line in the park. This used to be my favorite roller coaster before Tatsu, X & Terminator came along but this line just puts such a bad taste in my mouth. The ride is still cool but I'm never going to ride it again after this queue experience. Too many people are packed into the loading area with NO A/C. We literally waited around 40 minutes in the loading area alone. The same thing happened last time but not THAT long. Everyone is just crowded in so tightly and for so long without adequate air conditioning, it almost feels like some odd sense of torture. I will never go on this unless it's a walk on or THREE trains are running, I've learned my lesson on this ride. Another thing, the people before us got screwed in a group of 4. I'm just SO happy it didn't happen to us but I feel so bad for them. Right when they got onto the ride, one of the seats broke so only 3 of them could go on after that entire time they waited. We luckily got the next train but that is just horrible to wait that long and then have to be quickly moved out of the way so the train can get out of the station. But wait, the train seems like it NEVER leaves the station quick enough. The loading is such a long process and it seems like year after year, it just goes slower and slower. Another horrible thing is that it was nearing the end of the day and we would only get one more ride in afterward because it took so long. What should've only been a 20 minute wait at 5:00 ended up being a rush to one final ride for us at 5:50. I'm sorry Riddler but we're just not gonna work out and you've made my list of Six Flags rides I'm never going to ride again (unless some very specific circumstances, which will never happen).
    The Ride: 8.3 out of 10 (B-)
    Because of the line: 5.0 out of 10 (F)

    We agreed that if we can only do one more ride, it would be Tatsu. So we ran to the line and only waited about 5 - 10 minutes. We stayed clear from the back because the Gs on that one loop are just unbearable. Comes to show, you can't avoid the feeling of being ripped inside out on the loop no matter where you sit. Oh well, even with it, this is still my favorite ride in the park now. The experience is just amazing. I would say it is THE ride. All the other rides have these reasons for you to go on them whether it be it's floorless, standing up, 4D, the fastest ride, whatever; none of them come close to the experience of flying. I still think they need to extend the station so people just aren't "hanging out" waiting to get into the station for a full 2 or 3 minutes at the end but it really isn't that big of a deal. Another plus is the loading for such a complicated ride doesn't even take that long. Take THAT Riddler! Please keep the maintenance up on this ride so the line continues to go smoothly. After that, it was about 6:10 and the park was closed... or SO WE THOUGHT. Much to my surprise, people were still flocking on to rides and I couldn't help but think, did the park extend it's hours midday? And I never heard some "the park is now closing" announcement. So that must be what was going on, ride? Or not? We were confused and ran to get our stuff out of the locker from Riddler's. SUCH A LONG WALK through the exit. Never using that locker again. While walking out we decided to check out more rides to see if people were still getting on and yup, they were. We rushed to X2.... and yes... it was still operating.
    9.8 out of 10 (A+)

    We got in line and waited about 15 - 20 minutes. This is an adequate wait for such a coaster. I remember waiting in the line for about 40 minutes when I first went on it before the updates. I definitely can not see myself waiting more than 2 hours for this, that is just insane. Off to the side, I could see other rides were still going. Viper flew by and then that's when I couldn't believe my eyes. Much like Ninja was wrapped in an advertisement for the Karate Kid, Viper was wrapped in a... wait for it... AXE ad. Yes, cologne. At least Karate Kid was cleverly put on Ninja, they kinda relate. This is just whole new low of disgusting. They defaced the ride as a running advertisement for cologne. I've never seen anything more craptastic in my life. Does it ruin the ride? No, of course not. Does it ruin the sight of it? Most definitely and that's half of being at the park is the sensory input of sight and it's such an eye sore. Enough about that garbage, on to X2. We got another locker for this since, well we didn't think we were gonna be in the park for as long as we were. So in total, only 3 dollars spent on a locker and we saved a good 7 dollars instead of getting an all day one. This makes me think that Six Flags should rent their lockers out by the hour. A dollar an hour. That sounds reasonable to me especially with having to pay a dollar at each ride and the now use of no cubbies. Seriously, the cubby system was perfect and I hate that we now HAVE to use lockers if you have anything. It's just another way for them to take more money out of your wallet. They get you in cheap but then suck you dry once you're inside. I guess they gotta make their money some how.

    X2's loading system is the loading system from hell. I thought Riddler's was bad but this just takes days. At least the line wasn't too long and the loading station wasn't packed with people. This ride at least had the music which I was very happy to hear. The sound definitely made the experience much more enjoyable because without it, I don't think I would like this ride that much anymore. The spinning just doesn't seem to work as well as it did before. It's just way too bumpy and at many times hurts. And plus, the ride at points goes too fast for the spinning and feels like my soul is being sucked out. That may be the idea but it's not necessarily the experience I was looking for. Plus at one time it rocked SO HARD that my shoe almost fell off. You know like when a person gets hit by a car and you wonder, how the hell did their shoes come off?! Yup, pretty much like that! I spent another 10 seconds of being rocked and thrown around trying to get my shoe back on which was on TIGHTLY on all the other suspending rides. The ride sure is scary and it's something way out of this world you have to experience. I literally felt like I had died and then after the ride, we entered another dimension. I don't know how I or any one else survives that ride. So, lots of fun but it's not my cup of tea. I think it needs to be upgraded to X3 and make the ride a helluva lot more smooth because I have bruises on my shoulders now, as where my friends have scratches and bruises. So that's 2 out of 2 times on this ride I've got off with some sort of minimal injury (first time I got like a rub burn from the shoulder harness), which is enough for me to stay away until the chaos is smoothed out. But keep up the fire effects and the music, they're both awesome. But the whole experience all together was just too much madness to be more enjoyable. (I decided to make a list of rides I'm avoiding for now since it's gotten so long just to see how ridiculous I've become!)
    8.9 out of 10 (B+)

    After we ran to Viper and figured out why the park was still open after 6. It was some AAA event and we needed a wristband after 6 to stay in the park. Being a AAA member, I had NO idea of this event and it was only $25. If the tickets were cheaper, I would've considered buying another ticket to get on the rides we missed so my friend could experience them (Viper, Superman [even though I don't like the ride], Ninja). I also have no idea how later they were open for but the people were coming in at 6, so my guess is either 10 or midnight. This was also where my threshold for how many times I could hear "Have a Six Flags day." Seriously, this is the stupidest phrase ever and hearing it so many times BUGS. I don't like being a nitpicker and I don't like complaining about what should be relatively positive things but all of it just seems so forced and overkill and it hurts my freakin' brain!

    Good ride ops
    Clean park for the most part
    Friendly customer service
    Empty park
    Good food this time
    Getting to ride X2 after park closing
    Just an awesome good day all together, despite any negatives

    Good ride ops seeming forced down our throats
    Park's cleanliness being forced down our throats
    Friendly customer service being forced down our throats
    Advertisements EVERYWHERE including ON the rides being FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS
    Some rides in need of maintenance so loading goes quicker
    Terminator's music off

    Rides I'm going to avoid from now on: (it's silly, I know)
    Revolution (too old, not enough thrill) [New]
    Colossus (too old, not enough thrill) [New]
    Riddler's Revenge (loading station cattle and forever loading) [New]
    X2 (long wait times, forever loading and too much chaos to enjoy; waiting for next update) [New]
    Terminator (boycotting until music works again) [New]
    Superman (too short to be worth it) [Old]
    Jet Stream (too bumpy, boat flying back after drop, water in boat filling too high) [Old]
    Deja Vu (not worth the wait; too much chaos in short amount of time) [Old]
    Goliath (black out problem not such a big of a deal, very fun drop) [Off the list]
    Log Jammer (flooding and sinking problems fixed) [Off the list]

    Very fun day and I really enjoyed it. The park has improved since last year but the improvements seem like overkill and trying way too hard. I do appreciate the effort though and I see good things for the future of Six Flags. Hopefully with their new approach they get more money to fix maintenance problems on Riddlers, X2, etc. etc and of course, add new attractions. The food was much better this time but way too overpriced but at LEAST it was good. I guess I just have to stay away from the Burgers and Chicken Strips. I also noticed the TVs were either off or gone except for the new ones. Bring these back, watching cartoons in line was the only way to keep sanity for those long summer waits. I hope they're gone or off because they're being upgraded. All the lines need some type of theme as well because waiting in metal switchbacks for a long period of time could drive people crazy. At LEAST some shading and music would help. I also didn't see anybody get impregnated today which was different but some people were dressed a little too skimpy. But I'd rather see someone's butt cheeks hanging out of their short shorts instead of people having sex in lines. I'll try coming back much sooner instead of next May due to the improvements to see their progression. I'll try to come back in either September or January for the next off season and I will be back for next May for the now annual May trip. And sorry, no pictures. We did take pictures but not enough to warrant a full TR. We forgot we even brought a camera until half way through and took some fun Riddler (we bought a Riddler cape for $5) sneaking into the Bat Cave pictures but other than that, that's it. Thanks for reading!

    As mentioned in the prelude, the Cherry Lime Icee wasn't that great. I mixed Wild Cherry and Lemonade (yes, they have a Lemonade flavored Icee too!) instead, so I had a Cherry Lemonade Icee. And THAT was heaven in my mouth.

    Overall points: We had a "Six Flags Day!" (ugggggh...)
    10 out of 10
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    Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

    I appreciate your opinion on the cleanliness issue, but I would have to politely disagree. There is never too much of a clean park. Ever.


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      Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

      I also noted that you won't ride Revolution and Colossus becasuse they are too old. One thing that makes a theme park more than just a carnival is its history. Those two rides are from the mid '70s and they add to the uniqueness and nostalgia of the park. They stand today as tributes to the time when it was still Magic Mountain, and the atmosphere in the park was much different than it is today - a time when people at least waited to get back to their cars to have sex. I'm not saying that it was better then (even though it was ) Those rides still serve a purpose. Parents today can take their children and share experiences that they had when they were kids. That ideal is very much similar to what Disneyland is based on.

      On an unrelated note, I was there on opening day for Colossus. The wait for the ride was well over 4 hours and the crowds were insane. Good times...

      Colossus appears in more than one movie, the most famous being "Vacation". The Great American Revolution (or at least it was called that at one time) was also in "Vacation" and in the movie "Rollercoaster". Magic Mountain would degrade into just another generic Six Flags park if either of those coasters were removed.

      You are welcome to your opinion to not ride those coasters anymore because they are old. But I would ask that you to take a moment to rethink your decision. New is not always better, and not everyone wants to experience the sensation of their stomach being forced up their throat when they go on a ride. I'm sure it's enjoyable for you, but I'm gonna pass.


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        Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

        Haha, well as I said in the TR, I understand both their history and wish them a long and prosperous journey until they both rot away. They've served me memories as well, whether they were good or bad. I just choose to make time for other rides by choosing not to ride specific ones anymore so I know what to hit instead of wasting time on rides I know I don't necessarily enjoy anymore. I remember my first visit to Six Flags, I got on both and remember them being so much more fun and exciting. Maybe it was the thrill of being a kid and it being new to me but they've lost their effect on me. Now, when I say I'll never ride it again, I don't mean necessarily FOREVER because 2 rides on that list from before have jumped off of it (Goliath and Log Jammer). It just takes a circumstance for me to re-ride or consider re-riding (which is approx every other year or so I give a ride another chance to see if my feelings have changed). I mean, if their queue's were complete walk ons, you'd see me there but I wouldn't wait for either of these any time soon. That's what I mean
        And it wasn't the fact the park was clean that bugged me. It was the fact that I had to see a sign that it was clean or to keep cleaning and people always cleaning it every 5 seconds. To me, that stuff should be subconscious and I shouldn't even think about it. It should be an after thought that someone brings up and when I think about it, I go "yeah, you're right, that park WAS clean." I just hope one day they get as serious with something else. "Our park has been voted with the best ride maintenance!" Now that's a sign... I'd love to see.
        And yes, of course I've seen Vaction... and the last 30 minutes or so of Rollercoaster, haha. I was flipping the channels maybe 10 years ago and on AMC, I was like, "hey, that's Six Flags!" So I kept watching and was even more intrigued when I learned there was a bomb involved. Haha, I should watch it from the beginning one day!


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          Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

          Thanks for the detailed report. I still won't go on Goliath since everyone I know talks about blacking out. Plus the fact that there is no shoulder restraint on it creeps me out. Someone posted on Wikipedia that Terminator will not be getting the music back. Far from a reliable source, but it is pretty much the only information I can find about it.


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            Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

            Originally posted by clippers6 View Post
            Thanks for the detailed report. I still won't go on Goliath since everyone I know talks about blacking out. Plus the fact that there is no shoulder restraint on it creeps me out. Someone posted on Wikipedia that Terminator will not be getting the music back. Far from a reliable source, but it is pretty much the only information I can find about it.
            If that is true, that is the worst news I could ever possibly hear. It's been literally pretty much a year and it's already gone. Sad... just freakin' sad.

            And blacking out isn't the worst experience. You just feel a little weird after because you're thinking, "wait, did I just black out?" It's only for a second, tops and it's not like you magically find yourself back in the station wondering how you got there. You're aware of the ride and it's movements, it's just for a brief second you can't see anything, which is disorienting. I knew it would come these last two times so that's why I think it didn't happen.


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              Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

              Well, during the ride, you didn't really hear the music much anyway. But I know what you mean, I was in the park today, and I did think it was odd not to hear it in the station, lift, and at the brake run. It'd be sad if it didn't return, but I wonder if the wooden coaster just beat up the sound system too much. Not a rumor I've heard, just my own personal guess.

              As far as Revolution, it's never really been the same since the OTS, but for legal reasons, they can never be removed, even though park management would personally love too (similar Shockwave in SFOT operates without just fine, and I don't think the Mindbend in SFOG has them either). Colossus, for an older woodie, really isn't that bumpy, though. I mean, have you been on a really bumpy woodie, like the Coney Island Cyclone? That's some spinal manipulation for you.

              And I also gotta disagree about the cleanness and friendliness thing. Too much of that is never enough. Cleanliness is practically the #1 most obvious reason one can see that the park is well looked after. A close second is maintenance, which, while improving with various roller coaster painting and upkeep, is lagging a bit. But they're gradually working on that, too. I personally loved the personalities of the employees all day. Their cheerfulness is rivaling Disney's, if you ask me.
              Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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                Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                Originally posted by JesterMn View Post
                As far as Revolution, it's never really been the same since the OTS, but for legal reasons, they can never be removed, even though park management would personally love too
                What are OTS's? Are those the over the shoulder restraints? If so, then I agree with you 100% that they SUCK. The last time I went on the ride my head banged against them so badly I thought I was going to break my skull. I'm not joking. It was miserable.


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                  Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                  I have never been to Magic Mountain because I don't live in that part of the Country and when I travel that direction, I go to Disneyland. However, I am a regular visitor of Six Flags St. Louis and I have to agree that the advertising being shoved down your throat everywhere is overkill! Last summer M&M was everywhere! On every ride, every commerical on the tv's around the park, everywhere you turned....M&M. Makes you NOT want to eat the product when it is being shoved down your throat like that....
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                    Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                    I think the wraps on Ninja look better than the Princess Fantasy Fail at Disneyland.
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                      Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                      I'm going to SFMM on Thursday, I'll get some shots of Ninja.


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                        Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                        I haven't been to Six Flags in almost 10 years... went when Tink and I started dating... she doesn't like coasters, kids don't like coasters, I love them but I'm overruled.

                        I did try Goliath a while back, not a big fan of the oversized toilet bowel of doom...
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                          Re: The Karate Kid had a Six Flags day at the Clean Park... presented by Axe (5/21 TR

                          Make sure to get the wrap on Viper as well... that will leave you floored in a bad way.