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Magic Mountain Itinerary


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  • Magic Mountain Itinerary

    Hi, visiting Magic Mountain this summer with my wife and we'll have four kids with us. Three of them can ride everything, one is 48". Looking for suggestions on what to start with.

    I have not yet been on Tatsu, should we do that first or head for X2? Also, I rode X, is there any major difference on X2? For some reason, my youngest is tall enough for X2 but not for Riddler's or Tatsu, but I wanted to see if anyone thinks it's too intense for a 6 year old. She's ridden Titan (SFOT version of Goliath), so she's up for the thrill of it, but my concern would be the restraints being tight enough.

    Also, we're going on a Monday in July, does anyone have experience using Flashpass, and would you recommend it around that time? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Magic Mountain Itinerary

    IMO, X2 is too intense for a 6 year old ... but that's just my opinion. My kids have ridden Titan/Goliath and Batman, etc but not X2.

    Differences between X and X2: Smoother Ride, Onboard Audio, Fire effects, MUCH faster dispatch times.

    As for where you should go first ... if you aren't doing X2 then Tatsu should be your first stop. The crew on this ride is continually slow even though the ride has been open for quite a few years now.

    Depending on crowds, you may want to invest in the FlashPass as well.

    They also have been offering a deal that for $10 (that they donate to charity) you can get into the park early and ride X2 with no wait. This is NOT an every day thing so I wouldn't count on it.

    This is the order I would go to:

    X2 - If the ride doesn't open with the park I would skip and head to Tatsu
    Deja Vu
    Riddlers Revenge
    Gold Rusher
    Take Orient Express up the hill and ride Ninja and Superman

    As far as Flashpass, I would wait to see how busy it is before purchasing ... but by the time you realize it you may be in the back of the park and you have to go back to the front to get it. If you go on a weekend, I would just get it.


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      Re: Magic Mountain Itinerary

      Ive seen 6 year olds ride and LOVE X2.
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        Re: Magic Mountain Itinerary

        ^That may be, but it's not for everyone. I can imagine it being too intense for young childern, and too rough, too.

        I pretty much second all the suggestions from sir clinksalot. The summer can get quite crowded. Although I have noticed one point... if it's unbearably hot that day (and it can be in the summer), most people are in fact visiting the water park, and the amusement park can be relatively quiet compared to what you see in the parking lot.
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          Re: Magic Mountain Itinerary

          I appreciate the suggestions. I'm on the fence about my youngest riding X2 and I'll let her see it go around once and that may do more to keep her off the ride than anything I could say. We're going on a Monday, so it hopefully won't be too bad.

          If they do that $10 early entry deal, we'd do that in a heartbeat. We have SFOT passes, so we don't have to pay anything for admission, so that would be good. I'll keep an eye out for that. Thanks again!