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Confessions Of A Wuss...


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  • Confessions Of A Wuss...

    How do the "Thrill Ratings" on the 6F website measure up to Disneyland rides? Would Screamin' be considered "moderate"? What about Space mountain?

    I ask because I am taking my family (wife and 9 year old) to Magic Mountain for the first time in late August.

    They love coasters. I don't. I don't hate coasters, I just get migranes easily. I can barely handle California Screamin' without getting a headache. Tower of Terror bothers me more the older I get. Although, nothing else at Disneyland really affects me.

    My real question is this: Which coasters at 6F are going to make me miserable? Are most of them more extreme than Screamin'? I plan on doing the flumes and rapids, I just want to know if there are any coasters that don't push the envelope much more than Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

    Really, I am going to MM for my family. If I don't ride many rides, I won't be heartbroken. Just trying to prepare.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Confessions Of A Wuss...

    Originally posted by shirleyfilms View Post

    My real question is this: Which coasters at 6F are going to make me miserable? Are most of them more extreme than Screamin'?

    Yes, most of MM's showcase out-doups Screamin'.

    I'd take Tatsu,Revolution and X2 off your hit list now, maybe have second thoughts about Scream,Superman,Batman,Deja Vu,Riddler,Goliath & Terminator(though it's pretty smooth) as well as the park's older canon: Colossus & Goldrusher, if you're not okay with riding something that's over 30 yrs old. Due to systemary weight, Ninja, despite inverted can't invert.
    Making it a great family ride with a top speed of only 90km(55m)

    Did that help?
    Either way, enjoy your trip.
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      Re: Confessions Of A Wuss...

      Most coasters at Disneyland (except Screamin') would be considered "Moderate Thrills" at Magic Mountain.

      If you are ok with screamin I think you will be ok with the following coasters:

      Revolution (has the one loop like Screamin), Terminator, Ninja, Colossus and "perhaps" Goliath (no loops, but tall and fast).

      They also have 4 water rides that are all pretty gentle and of course, don't forget to take a ride up the Sky Tower and check out the museum up there.


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