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Six Flags St Louis

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  • Six Flags St Louis

    Hey guys. I will be going to St Louis on the 25th of this month. I have never been to this Six Flags before. I used to have one here in Louisville but it closed due to financial reasons and a girl getting severly hurt on a ride.

    I was just wondering what to expect. Is the food high or reasonable and are there any indoor places to sit and eat at? That's my mom's question. haha.

    My question is do I need to spend two days in the park or can you usually ride almost everything in one day? Thanks for any help/info.

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    Re: Six Flags St Louis

    The one in Louisville should be reopening soon though. i heard it was just under new management and some changes were being made. Have fun though!


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      Re: Six Flags St Louis

      Six Flags doesn't own the one here in Louisville anymore. The original owner who sold it to Six Flags bought it again and is trying to get the park up and running but our stupid Fair board which owns the land the park sits on isn't cooperating with the new owner. The park was supposed to be opened this summer but has been delayed to next year if everything can get worked out.