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How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?


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  • How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?

    Dear fellow Micechatters:ap: :captain: :ap:, especially our intrepid and awesome leaders :bow: like the great Clinksalot:

    How about a Micechat meet to Six Flags M. Mtn's Fright Fest in early October
    that starts out with rides on Lex Luthor and Superman--maybe when the park opens at 10am that day for those interested. Others could meet up later.
    (I'll bring a book to read while y'all ride Goliath and other less comfortable coasters.)

    Will their haunt event still be included with the normal daily admission?

    I'm glad Disneyland doesn't have much of a FP for sale program, but (heck with the teens at Universal's haunt & at 6Flags :evil,
    I'm curious how much the 6 Flags $49 Flashpass will work at their mazes and on their rides all day.

    Could we have a lunch or dinner at Mooseburger Lodge, possibly with Tim Burkhart?
    Yes: I'd love to do a full day at SFMM and evening at Fright Fest
    Yes: But only for Magic Mountain
    Yes: But only for the Fright Fest portion
    Maybe: I'd need more details before deciding
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    Re: How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?

    Just an FYI, Fright Fest generally doesn't start until the 2nd weekend in October, so that would most likely be the time-frame we'd be looking at.

    This is something we've actually been considering doing for awhile ... so let's gauge the interest in this with a poll and it will let us know if it's something we should look into.

    If we did something for Fright Fest, it would most likely be something where everybody get's admission on their own unless there is an overwhelming response and we can try and work something out with the park.

    I'd be MORE than willing to do a guided tour of the park during the day, hitting all the rides, etc and then concentrate on Fright Fest during the evening.

    So how about it folks?


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      Re: How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn FRIGHT FEST meet?

      Thank youvery much, Sir Clinksalot!
      Could we please do this on

      :thumbup: Saturday, October 6, :thumbup:
      or Sunday, Oct 7--if it will occur on Sundays?

      Under "Events" on the Magic Mtn. website, it states that,
      from [Friday] Oct. 5 through [Saturday] Oct 28, Fright Fest is presented by Snickers.

      Seasonal 10/5 - 10/28
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        Re: How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?

        Any update?

        I wouldn't mind waiting till 2013 . . . or 2020.

        I'd also like to revisit the Queen Mary in the distant future--I had a good time there with y'all last year.


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          Re: How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?

          Unfortunately, for me, some issues have arisen and I'm not able to commit that far out to something. We'll probably end up at FF at some point but I'm not sure if it will be that weekend.

          I should know more in the next week or so.


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            Re: How about a Micechat 6Flags MMtn HALLOWEEN meet?

            Whatever you do, I'd keep in mind that the fright rest mazes aren't included in the general admission. Haven't been for a few years now.

            Just being in the park during the festivities is included in the ticket price,but they sell wristbands for the mazes. I'm pretty sure they're around $5. Unfortunately, I've gone for the past four years and it seems like the quality of the event has dropped. That's not saying its not still fun, but keep that in mind when deciding on whether or not to buy a wristband.

            If anything, it's a great time to go on rides while everyone else is in line for the mazes


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