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Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)


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  • Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)

    From the parks Facebook page:

    The Stanley Cup will be at the Thrill Capital of the World this Sunday, October 21, 2012 from noon-3pm. Drop in, go big, and get your photo taken with the championship trophy. Learn more:All Events: Six Flags Magic Mountain

    I think we'll certainly try and make it up, want to go take another look at Fright Fest as well. Anybody else planning to head up and see the Cup?

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    Re: Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)

    Unfortunately Matt and I will be at Haunt again on Sunday. We saw the Cup at Knott's which was amazing time. Make sure you line up early because the line will get long. (We lined up a bit after 1pm when the Cup was to be there at 2:30) we were about 100 in line and the line after us grew to the point they were queuing into Indian trails and zig zagging the line back and forth.

    Have fun. I also had my picture taken with Bailey before he walked off down the streets of Ghost Town which was funny to watch. Any later in line and he would have been gone. The rules you can touch the Cup, hug it, kiss it (I did). I should have brought Duffy but didn't oh well. I would have put him in the Cup for the picture lol maybe next time.

    Enjoy and report back


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      Re: Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)

      OOhhh, jealous!!! I can't go Sunday. I really need to see the Cup but I never hear about things until it's either too close and I'm busy or it's already past. ::sigh::
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        Re: Stanley Cup at Six Flags Magic Mountain this Sunday (Oct 21)

        Awwww that stinks. I wasn't expecting to when it was at Knott's, but we just had to go and I'm so glad we did.

        Gregg find out how Six Flags is handling this because most events (ours excluded) they usually hand out wristbands prior and when they're gone they're gone. I'm curious to see if they will resort to this or do what Knott's did and just let fans line up. Definitey check on that because most places that have had the Cup they've run out of wristbands and then won't allow anymore to line up.

        Ours was a weekday and this is a Sunday so I expect a LOT more to show up for this. What is interesting is that once people see the CUP in person they go to all the places they can for multiple opportunities for pictures.


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