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Trip report: October 12th


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  • Trip report: October 12th

    I know it's late, but I figured I'd still post my experiences at this years fright fest.

    Starting off at around 10:00 I noticed the "holding pen" before the entrance gates into the park was a little more crowded than before. In the previous years, the population wasn't too bad, but this year it seemed a little more full.

    We rode Goliath first since it usually has a short line and then got in Line for drop of doom since it was likely to be crowded later. it was around 11:00 and we waited for about 5-10 minutes as they were really loading/unloading pretty quickly at the time. The ride overall was fun, but short. It's frickin high, it's over pretty quickly. I still liked it, but I prefer the bouncing aspect that supreme scream has at knott's.

    We rode rides throughout the day, even the cheap ones like the bumper cars and scrambler. Just about every ride got checked off the list besides Ninja which had an unheard of 45 minute wait. Overall, the lines weren't too horrible and moved pretty quickly. The usuals like Scream and Viper(I rode this 10 times because of the short line) were practically walk ons which was great. What was a little frustrating was that a handful of rides were only using a single train. I understand the crowds aren't too heavy this time of year, but this caused a few rides, like Riddler and Ninja to have waits of around 30-40 minutes.

    Fright Fest
    I was kind of underwhelmed by this years Fright Fest as it seemed very similar to the previous years. Even in a Friday, some of the lines were around 30 minutes long for short mazes that weren't entirely satisfying. I give six flags credit for trying, but waiting half an hour for Lecters Slaughterhouse is unheard of.

    The mazes were decent this year, but many were incredibly similar to last year, which I have a problem with. Lecters and Jokers need to go in my opinion as the scares are virtually identical year after year after year. We didn't bother with Chupacabra because of how boring it was from last year. Blackout was ok, but not amazing. Black widow is the same story, not terrible, but not great. Aftermath is cool and all, but it isn't particularly scary. Nonetheless, its neat. Willoughbeys was probably the most impressive, and if the rest of the mazes followed in its footsteps, Fright Fest would be amazing. The effects were cool and the varying rooms were fun to look at.

    We bought the regular wristbands ans none of us had season passes, and I don't think I'd advise otherwise. unless you do have a season pass, I wouldn't recommend the express wristband, because I don't personally feel the mazes are worth steep admission price.

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    Re: Trip report: October 12th

    Thank you for your trip report. I went opening weekend and felt that Six Flags did a much better job with Fright Fest this year. I guess because we have season passes (for the value price it's worth a season pass over what Disney charges). We've used our passes probably 4 times as well as 4 times at Six Flags Over Texas so we definitely got our monies worth. Hence our admission was free. We have the extreme passes so parking is free. It is definitely worth it to splurge for Express Maze Passes or you will be waiting in 30+ minute waits for maze lines.

    I thought Blackout was amazing (sorry but I HATE the dark). Blackout is created to feed on ones fear of the dark. There's nothing other than talent in there. If you want to see detail or a maze that has detail then Blackout isn't for you. Chupacabra is a great ,axe. It reminded me of Knott's and Village of the Damned at Dark Harbor. The talent was doing a great job with scares in there. Jokster's needs to go I agree. It's been there way too long. Slaughterhouse just didn't do it for me. Maybe because Knott's has a maze called Slaughterhouse of the same name and theme. The Aftermath was better for me than the Walking Dead at Universal. For myself and my husband to agree means that Six Flags actually did something right on par with a maze at Universal.

    Id definitely return to Fright Fest especially if they keep the mazes on the level they were this year. Everyone can't like the same thing.


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      Re: Trip report: October 12th

      nice trip report thanks.


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