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Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Six Flags Fright Fest


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  • [Pictures] Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Six Flags Fright Fest

    Welcome to part two of my Halloween trip reports. In part one, which can be found here, we went to Halloween Horror Nights.

    Part II: Fright Fest

    This is the first Fright Fest I've been to since being a scare-actor at Six Flags Great America. Let's see how it goes!

    My cousin James and his gal Sarah joined me in this Halloween adventure. Once again, I'm the third wheel.

    No complaints though, 'cause coasters!!

    We spent most of the morning riding most of the coasters. I left my camera in the car and grabbed it after we got lunch.

    The spooky decorations set the tone for things to come.

    We went on a really good day, there was rarely a line for anything.

    James was just as surprised as you.

    More fun decorations. Can't wait!

    For whatever reason, we skipped Apocalypse our first round trip of the park, so we hopped in "line" for it.

    I have "line" in quotes because it was a literal walk on.

    Sarah attempts to pass off a wicked smile. Even sadder, James is trying to do the same thing.

    For whatever reason, I thought this coaster looked better in black and white.

    I think I was right.

    They still have a Terminator in the gift shop.

    The sun is setting! Almost time for frights!

    Oh man! I forgot about Full Throttle. We rode it first thing in the morning and it surprised the hell out of me. I thought, originally, this would be a pretty gimmicky coaster, but I was amazed how fun it is! The lapbar only makes it so awesome, I thought I might literally :airtime: come out of the seat.

    We wanted to hit it again, but the line got too crazy.

    We made our way up the hill. And as darkness fell across the land, a thick fog began to spread.

    Fright Fest.

    Our first maze was this one.
    Definitely enjoyable.

    This fella' was mighty scary! He had a rat.

    Some people even mentioned we look alike... strange.

    Family resemblance?

    Well, we didn't have time to conduct any paternity test because we were chased away by this demon thing.

    We took refuge in the queue for Gold Rusher.

    I gotta say, this ride is very different without the log ride.

    Even the classics can be dangerous! This one came without warning.

    Everywhere we turned there was a monster or zombie ready to pursue us. Points definitely go to Six Flags for just filling the park with these guys.

    This maze turned out to be my favorite of the night, actually. I've forgotten all of their names, unfortunately.

    The minute we walk in, the fog is laid on thick. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, let alone where I'm going. Then it gets pitch black. There's no scares, just this. And it's awesome. Then we walk out into this big arena where things are blowing up...

    ...and buildings are crumbling.

    It was fantastic. I was very impressed.

    James insisted that we'd ride the scrambler and the bumper cars. They were quite fun, I must admit.

    In return, I got to pick the next one.

    This guy was threatening to ride with us! Probably so he could eat us at the top. Food tastes better at a higher altitude.

    This is what happens when Gumby handles a hand grenade.

    After a long night, we made our way toward the exit. It was getting pretty cold.

    Oh.... nice fountain.



    Demon Face.

    And that's it. Fright Fest actually exceeded my expectations and I had a great time. I'll definitely come back next year.

    My last Halloween adventure for this year is our trip to Disneyland found in Part III, found here.
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    Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Six Flags Fright Fest

    great halloween pictures thanks