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  • Six Flags over Georgia

    Early last August, I spent three full days at Six Flags over Georgia, the second oldest Six Flags park. I stayed next door at the Wyndham Garden Inn which was really nice. I saved $20 a day for parking as the hotel was litterally 100 yards away from the front gate. I also bought the season pass so I saved there as well.

    SFoG has eleven coasters there with two of them being wooden rollercoasters. The Georgia Cyclone is the parks clone of the Coney Island Cyclone and the Great American Scream Machine is a classic woodie from John Allen. Both are rough but not as bad as I was lead to believe. There's also the first B&M Flying coaster in the US called Superman which was decent. Then there's the Dahlonega Mine Train which is a standard mine train coaster and worth one ride for the credit. Next is the infamous Ninja and my God is this thing rough. I lucked out and got off with only a mild headache from riding the front row and I didn't dare ride the back row after that. Then there's Daredevil Dive Coaster, The first Eurofighter coaster in the US which was very smooth and quite fun and rerideable. Then comes the classic Mindbender from Anton Schwarzkopf. This is one sweet ride that has some remarkable airtime, especially in the front row. This one is also one of the few looping coasters to only have individual ratcheting lap bars. I rode this coaster the most as I'm somewhat partial to those classic old coasters myself. Next up is one of the many Batman: The Ride clones which is very intense for a coaster its size. Then comes the best coaster in the park, Goliath. I believe the best seat on this coaster is the seat that's furthest over to the right in the fifth row. This thing is simply an airtime machine. The last coaster is the Georgia Scorcher which is the last stand up coaster that was built by B&M. This one is not really that intense and is completely rerideable and nowhere near as intense as Riddler's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

    Next come the flat rides which the do have a lot of. There's the standard train ride, gas powered antique car ride, log flume, and other flat rides as well as two kiddy areas. The stand out flat rides are Acrophobia, a 200 foot tall floorless drop tower that tilts riders forward at the top which is an incredible experience. It's the second best drop tower ride I've been on right behind the new Falcons Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa which is 335 feet tall and drops you face first from the top. Then there's the SkyScreamer which is basically a 242 foot tall chair swing ride and it really is an incredible experience. The other flat ride worth menchioning is actually on the National Register of Historic Places and that is the Riverview Carousel. This carousel is perhaps one of the most beautiful carousels I've ever seen. It is also one of the five largest carousels in terms of the size of the platforms as it was only one of five, five row carousels that were built and only two of those are still in opperation. This carousel also has a history as it was previously located at Chicago's Riverview Park. That park was frequented by several famous people including future president Woodrow Wilson and several infamous people like Alfonse "Al" Capone. You can click on the link below to see lots of videos and photos of the park as well as a more detailed review of SFoG. Six Flags over Georgia | ThemeParkFanatic
    Six Flags over Georgia | ThemeParkFanatic
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