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Six Flags - give it a miss


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    Re: Six Flags - give it a miss

    I think, for the most part, the decisions made by the new regime at Six Flags have been good. Some ideas were not so good (not allowing re-entry) but thankfully the re-examined that decision. We have to remember these are people who come from a sports background and it's going to take them some time to figure out how to run parks.

    I personally think they are trying to do too much in year 1 and I'm afraid they aren't going to see the results as quickly as they want.

    What they need to change is the 'perception' of Six Flags. That isn't going to be easy especially when it comes to the casual park fan. (Not us nuts)

    Like I said, there have been some great changes:
    • Increased characters in the park
    • Painting of rides, buildings, etc
    • Running rides at full capacity (I can't remember a time, if EVER that Riddlers Revenge was running 3 trains. It wasn't long ago that there was only 1)
    • New attitude from the employees (this is key)
    Some things that aren't so great:
    • Increased parking to $15 (again I attribute this to the sports background)
    • Ideas such as the "no re-entry"
    And some things that still need to be done (and I know they are working on some of these):
    • Increased food quality
    • Re-Paving of alot of the areas
    • Clean Bathrooms (notice I didn't say CLEANER ... you can't get much worse than SFMM's bathrooms, especially the front one near the lockers)
    And again this isn't just SFMM. While some parks are cleaner than others (Six Flags Fiesta Texas was on the level of a Sea World or Busch park IMO) most parks have at least a few areas that need improvement. Alot of the things are common sense.

    I just hope the new management doesn't get discouraged when they don't see the results they are hoping for. It's going to take a few years to change people's minds when it comes to Six Flags. You can't undo 15 years of crap in 1 year.


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      Re: Six Flags - give it a miss

      Originally posted by cstephens
      Isn't this the same person who thought disallowing re-entry into the parks was a good idea? Or was that some other genius?
      I may be wrong, but a majority of visitors won't care... It does simplify the gate, cuts costs while potentially boosting revinue...

      And if it doesn't work for you, at least you know about it so don't go there...
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        Re: Six Flags - give it a miss

        I'll be going back once the new roller coaster opens.

        I used to have a season pass for six flags, but relegated SFMM to a "once every one or two years park" since the time I went in the height of summer, lines were 1-3 hours for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, even Gold Rusher had a line) because they were running one car on everything.

        Glad to hear it is turning around!
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          Originally posted by Hector
          At least it's not Knott's...
          I *much* prefer Knott's to Magic Mountain.


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            Re: Six Flags - give it a miss

            Good for you.
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              Re: Six Flags - give it a miss
              You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Hector again.
              DANG IT!!!!


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                Re: Six Flags - give it a miss

                I am not going to compare Six Flags to Disney, but I think that WB has made an enormous mistake in not opening a THEME park. Their properties would lend themselves wonderfully to theme rides. Who wouldn't love a great, really themed Batman or Superman ride? What about the Looney Tunes? Cartoon Network properties like the Power-Puff Girls? Not to mention the fact that they now own the rights to the MGM Wizard of Oz (though they might not be able to do theme park attractions because of MGM's deal with Disney prior to their being bought by WB).

                That's my major gripe about WB's Six Flags parks. So many missed oppurtunities.