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Roar closing at 6FDK


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  • News Roar closing at 6FDK

    I received this today.

    "Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Prepares to Silence the ROAR Popular Wooden Roller Coaster Closing for Good

    VALLEJO, Calif. – July 16, 2015 – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today announced that its iconic wooden roller coaster, Roar, is set to close on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

    Guests and fans can ride Roar one last time from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on August 16. After that, the ride will be permanently closed.

    "We are a dynamic and evolving entertainment venue,” said Don McCoy, park president. "Although Roar continues to be a guest favorite, sometimes hard choices must be made to allow for future expansion.”

    Roar opened in 1999 amidst a major revitalization effort, with several new shows and attractions, restaurants and shops opening simultaneously. Since that time, an estimated 11 million guests have experienced the 10-story coaster featuring six reversals, 22 crossovers, 17 turns and 12 breathtaking drops, in this 55 mph ride that was named for the thunderous roar of a California sea lion.

    Roar is a traditional wooden roller coaster featuring a 3,467 foot-long wooden track.

    Officials have not announced any plans for an attraction to replace the coaster.

    A special fond farewell to Roar will include a series of events for guests and Season Pass holders, the highlight of which will be a special last rider event coinciding with National Roller Coaster Day on August 16."

    There are unconfirmed rumors it will get a makeover similar to Colassus.

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    Re: Roar closing at 6FDK

    If RMC really is working on this then I'm going to freak having one less than a hour away.


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