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Trip Report for Friday 3/25/2016


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  • Trip Report for Friday 3/25/2016

    Got the day off for a rare rest from work so I decided to hit the Interstate 5 and pay a visit to SF Magic Mountain. The park was not crowded at all. I am a recent season pass holder and managed to take advantage of the "early entry" . There are two coasters I have never ridden and I made sure to give them a try on this trip. They were Tatsu and Riddler's Revenge. Both highly recommended. The park was generally empty. We noticed that the Batman ride had only one train running. They announced that and after we were already in line they had someone out front telling people who are approaching the queue this fact. It was a two hour wait for a 90 second ride.

    Originally I had planned to have lunch at Katy's Kettle but ended up at JB's BBQ. One odd thing is that the dinning pass is available after 11:30 but the places don't open their doors until 12:00 noon.

    The first time I had been to MM was around 1974. Since Disneyland has become unacceptable to me with the crowding and the constricted Interstate 5 , we have decided to spend our limited fun time at Magic Mountain and Universal.

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    Thanks for the TR! Is it common for SFMM to run their coasters at such reduced capacities? I was thinking of maybe visiting sometime on a weekday to avoid the crowds but if the waits are just as bad why should I bother?


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      most of the other coasters had more than one train. only Batman the ride was like this.