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TR: New Revolution is Here, SFMM 5/15/2016


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  • TR: New Revolution is Here, SFMM 5/15/2016

    I rode New Revolution VR twice and like the Shockwave experiences reported in the "VR coming to New Revolution" thread it has turned Revolution into one of the most popular rides at the park with a one-hour line, twice that of Twisted Colossus.

    It's amazing, with the asterisk that you must have a fully-working headset. On my first ride the video was a bit jittery and there was some light leak in the headset (it was bright sunlight) and it was still a really good experience. But I rode again at night and this time the headset video was smooth, I discovered the focus wheel on top of the unit to make the picture sharp, and there was no light leak -- and it was like nothing else. It really felt like I was in that fighter plane. Even those noticeable pauses between drops on the ride were enhanced because they'd use it to bring in a visual element like flying through a building or watching something crash around you.

    My problem with motion simulator rides is that there's no momentum, but with a roller coaster under you that problem is solved. Even with as tame a ride as the Revolution it makes a huge difference. I also rode through the single-rider line once (no wait) but they don't give you a VR headset and, yep, it's great to be able to ride the Revolution without those ear-banging horsecollars but the ride takes on a whole new "must ride" level with VR.

    Also, make sure the headset is working while you're standing in the queue. The people in front of me on the second ride had a black screen throughout, but they didn't think anything of it until the ride had started and it was too late.

    To expand this into a proper trip report here's the rest of my visit. I arrived shortly after 4 with an 8 PM closing. I was in the area and knew Revolution was my priority so it seemed doable and anything else would be gravy. I rode New Revolution twice (first as single-rider, then as VR with one-hour wait) then proceeded clockwise around the park to see how many of my favorites I could fit in.

    Apocalypse, 2 rides (one front, one back), 5 minute wait. I'm not normally a front-seat rider but there was no line and its low and twisty layout makes the front actually kind of fun. Sometimes it unexpectedly speeds up in odd places. It's better without the original on-ride sound system, but has become rough so it's not really a must-ride. They stop the line outside of the themed queue building and then let you walk from there all the way up to the loading platform and that themed queue building is enjoyably dramatic as a walk-through, better than when they stopped you in each room and made you watch videos during its "Terminator Salvation: The Ride" days. Of course, now with X-Men: Apocalypse coming out it has accidentally become a movie-themed ride again, I suppose. Ha ha.

    Gold Rusher, 1 ride (back seat), walk-on. Nostalgic favorite, and I think I've been on it every time since my first visit in 1975 so I won't risk breaking that streak now. It still has my favorite helix of any roller coaster in the park!

    Passing the bumper cars (which I did not ride) I checked to see that the exit sign still featured the long-lost seventies "Magic Mountain Troll" character, and was delighted to find it still intact. The last surviving troll at Magic Mountain.

    Scream, 1 ride (second to last row), walk-on. Formerly my favorite ride, I still like it but some of the newer rides have eclipsed it. This would be a great candidate for VR if they want to up the ante on thrills. Sitting over a parking lot with still-visible parking spaces only makes the argument for VR stronger.

    Twisted Colossus, 2 rides (back seat), 30 minute wait. Arguably the best ride in the park, but inarguably the most INSANE ride in the park. Every time I've been on it, when the train heads up the second lift hill all the riders around me are looking around and saying "what was that?!?!" or "can you believe that?!?!" about the just-completed first half. Kudos to the loading crews since they were making a valiant effort to get the trains out in sync to race. One of my rides had both trains almost perfectly aligned during the "high-5" moment. And the ride is still smooth as glass.

    After that half-tour of the park it was almost 8 (closing time) so I had the choice of getting back in line for a third Twisted Colossus or trying for Revolution again. I opted to sprint across the park and entered the Revolution line at 5 minutes to 8. My second ride (the fantastic one) occurred an hour later, after which I bought a New Revolution t-shirt (12 bucks, tax included!) and went out to see my car sitting in the sparsest SFMM parking lot I've ever seen. Made it easy to find.
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    I can take the VR or leave it. It really does have an impact on the wait times to an extent. Just happy it's a smooth ride now!


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