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Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth coming to Discovery Kingdom


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  • Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth coming to Discovery Kingdom

    Here's the official spiel:

    VALLEJO, Calif. — September 1, 2016 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the Thrill Capital of Northern California, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Entertainment, today announced its newest ride attraction, WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth, to open in Spring 2017.
    “It is our intention to open new, innovative attractions every season,” said Don McCoy, park president. “Wonder Woman is an iconic Super Hero and this character and thrill ride will add greatly to our line-up of DC themed attractions.”
    WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth is an oversized pendulum shaped ride that will send guests on a dizzying journey in this thrilling and extreme attraction. WONDER WOMAN, the most iconic female Super Hero, is the embodiment of justice, equality and peace; she is the symbol of female empowerment, as she seeks to fight evil at every turn.
    Some ride highlights include:
    • 40 riders will propel at speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour;
    • The ride swings back and forth while rotating counterclockwise; and
    • As guests swing higher and higher, they will experience a feeling of weightlessness at 147 feet in the air.

    WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth will be located near two of the park’s newest attractions, Superman Ultimate Flight and The Joker, which opened earlier this year.

    Looks like a variation of the Tazmanian Devil ride, except that WW is floorless, and the seats face out. Here's some art from Six Flags.

    What the dormouse said
    Feed your head!


    You've read it; you can't unread it!

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    Can't wait for this!!

    I've always wanted to ride one of this Giant Huss Frisbee's.

    Definitely going to be a road trip up north next year!


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