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Fright Fest 2018, a Frightfull GoodTime

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  • Fright Fest 2018, a Frightfull GoodTime

    Something things to note before I do my little review

    1) I'm the highest level AP so only paid 15 bucks to upgrade my Fright Fest ticket to VIP, didnt even have to pay for food because i have the food pass.
    2) I got there about an hour early to give my self time to eat and buy the pass before the event

    The event this year featured 6 mazes, 3 are super close to the entrance, which is great in my opinion having them so close together. Two are located near Superman/Ninja and the last down near Apocalypse.
    All the mazes really do feel different from one another with their own gimmicks and themes.
    Though these mazes are fun, They for the most part aren't 100 Percent up to par with Universal that being said the lines were very low when I went and only got the VIP because it was 15 bucks.

    Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising is alot like the Terror Tram, its outdoors and very much based around the bigger set pieces the other mazes can't house inside a building. Its both its streght and weakness, similar to the terror tram...but I like how real it feels. Like a real outbreak and a few good scares

    Willoughby’s Resurrected has been around a while now, but still with some good scares. I do like the theme but think its time to retire it or realllly try some new scares with it. Its still fun and a classic haunted house but think it needs like one big scare with a new effect or something.

    Condemned - Forever Damned - has some really cool set designs. And one part is sooooo much fun where your force to wall with not much space between you and the scare actors, its a good deal of fun.

    Red’s Revenge - I'm a sucker for this mazes theme, think it could use some more good scares but it does have one or two I enjoy. I also just love walking into the first set of the village so much fun and feels like walking a twisted version of a dark ride at Disneyland.

    Sewer of Souls - its a 3D maze, which I enjoy but maybe some will not like that gimmick. The bridge part of this mazes to me is the highlight and made me laugh out loud how cool and fun of an idea it is and to me it works well......just a really fun maze.

    HELL FEST - To me this was the most well put together maze. If all the mazes were at this level, I'd tell everyone to skip every other event and come to this. Its a pretty long, well put togeather and two rooms the hands room and I guess "doll" rooms are great just soooo great. Only complaint was the end was not near as good as the first two thirds of the maze.

    Its a fun event and for APs this is a hands down GOOOO to event.....but for a full ticket price and then to pay more the mazes, that's up to what you expect and want from an event like this. Its fun but Knotts offers more mazes and Universal offers high quality ones for the most part.

    Little Things I liked, most rides having almost no waits, the scare zones had lots of energy to them and at one of the hills they had soem fun noises and people whisper "I'm behind you" which is a lot better than the nothing a lot of Universal Hollywood had this year at the inbetween parts of the park.

    I had a lot of fun but i only paid 20 bucks for my monthly AP fee and then 15 more for the VIP pass, nothing else....35 bucks for this event was a steal and a wonderful time.

    Things I'd like to see more of in the Future
    Joker/Harley Quinn in the DC area
    Lex Luther/Riddler near the JC ride
    Some Dressed up Looney Tunes near the entrance
    A real Halloween Show, like how they have Kwerkmas Christmas Show but a halloween version.
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    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Jarrod, thank you very much for sharing that detailed review!

    You made me want to visit M. Mtn. for Halloween in the future.