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USH Tram Upgrades


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  • USH Tram Upgrades

    I had some business at the Studio today, so I decided to take a short walk through the park to check out some stuff.

    I hopped onto the Tram and I was pleased to see some new overhead monitors (I'd say about 20"). There are two across the front of each Tram and another one down the center about half way back. They are larger than the previous ones and you can now easily view them in the daylight.

    Our Tram guide announced the upgrade and said that they were new Hi-Def units. What a difference!

    New graphics as well. Instead of the old full-screen pictures, the new version shows a smaller shot of the guide plus other graphics on the rest of the screen. The weather "forecast" shot is more like a real one now thanks to some new graphics. When they tell you about all of the TV shows that were done by USH, they also show some nice additional pictures and graphics to go along with the show's names. Classy!

    Unfortunately, Whoopi is still on it. :yuck: What's worse, is now she is in Hi-Def!!!

    Oh well, you can't have everything! :lol:

    They changed the name of Sparticus Square to Warrior Square (I think I heard Square).

    I saw the Peugeot cars from Columbo in the storage yard. Sad to think that they won't be making his finale (80th) episode for the show. He was recently diagnosed with alzheimer's. Poor guy.

    The construction crew is moving right along with the new lower-lot sets that were destroyed in the recent fire. They look good enough to live in!

    Hot day with light crowds.

    Whether it is for work or play, I always enjoy USH! :thumbup:

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    Re: USH Tram Upgrades

    Agreed. USH is so unique and having the real working studios there is an asset to this fabulous park.. then that view of the valley.. whoa!


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      Re: USH Tram Upgrades

      I didn't realize they still have the tram. We were just there on May 8 but I guess we didn't look hard enough. Too busy running around from ride to show to ride
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        Re: USH Tram Upgrades

        Yes, the USH Trams are alive and well!

        The Tram loading area is down an escalator (or an elevator if you choose). The escalator is to the right of the restrooms which are next to the right side of the Simpson's ride.

        Or in other words, to the left of the Nick Splash Zone (which has been renamed) and where the Dodger Dogs are sold.

        Sorry you missed them. Next time!


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          Re: USH Tram Upgrades

          I saw the new trams on the Conan O' Brien show this week during the UST bit that he did. I was pleased to see that they have improved these. It almost looks like they built new passenger cars entirely. I remember in 2002 the group I was in had to transfer trams because the axle completely snapped apart on the car that I was in!


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            Re: USH Tram Upgrades

            Originally posted by TDLFAN View Post
            then that view of the valley.. whoa!
            When there's no smog!


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              Re: USH Tram Upgrades

              Originally posted by WestsideCM99 View Post
              I saw the new trams on the Conan O' Brien show this week during the UST bit that he did.
              That was too funny. CIRCLE!! CIRCLE!! lol


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                Re: USH Tram Upgrades

                Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
                When there's no smog!
                When, exactly, is that? I've yet to see it there.


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                  Re: USH Tram Upgrades

                  The trams actually now take you past Stage 1 where Conan is filmed.

                  Then again, that was this past Saturday when it wasn't being used. I'm not sure if they'd be able to drive past Monday through Friday.


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