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Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report


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  • Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

    Hi All !! This is from my trip back on February 1st 2009. I did it for one day it was followed by 5 days at the tokyo disney resort.. Sorry for the delay in posting pics well at least I got the disney ones up within a couple weeks right ? Ok here we go!

    I just felt like i was going in circles to get to USO!

    ok thats better I make a left!

    Half my pictures are gone , I am working to bring them back hang on kids.
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    Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

    Hi lighttragic I very much welcome this trip report, as I'm planning to do a 10 night trip to Osaka to explore the Kansai region in March 2010 and Universal Studios Japan is very much a priority for me. Not so much for its attractions but the Entertainment looks fantastic. I hope you able to get your pictures back online very quickly as I'd love to see them and read your thoughts
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      Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

      From the train station you had no choice but to walk through citiwalk

      I felt very western in this store.

      No other way to say it than a cute japanese girl and her monkey. Wheres peta when you need them?

      getting closer to the entrance.

      has the look and feel of hollywoods citiwalk but on a much smaller scale

      Almost to the entrance!

      charlie and snoopy look excited..

      maybe becuse they are selling love passes at universal studios osaka

      famous sign!


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        Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

        ticket prices

        overview of entrance

        Going in

        nice tuschies woodpeckers.

        Im very cold and very bundled, hey im from california


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          Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

          it was pretty crowded for a cold sunday.

          everyone loves popcorn

          clever use of space.. two films one theatre.. the sesame street film is now at sea world san diego.

          ernie kept rubbing my stomach and bert wasnt shown due to bad picture takingh ... Et Adventure so much fun brought back alot of memories from hollywood.

          since i only had a few hours i bought the express pass it really came in handy!


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            Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

            people waiting in line.. not me!

            spielberg looking young and dapper

            Much more to come!!! including video....


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              Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

              Et looking young and dapper

              Yay I made it through customs again

              pic isnt great but gives you an idea of the station

              Lovely models showing off the bikes

              scenes from attraction


              Very vibrant flowers

              one more show scene, near the end of the ride he says my name.. it was great ill post video later but now on to enjoy the day

              Terminator music in background (wasnt allowed any photos or video inside but attraction was really well themed and fun . I will post more later tonight... This should hold you over for now... I have about 40 more photos to post...and some video . Untill then (lighttragic)


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                Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

                heading towards amazing adventure of spiderman.

                art anyone?

                entrance to one of the most amazing attractions ever designed.

                a look inside the cue.

                attraction vehichles.. I will post a short video of the attraction later... Also more photos coming.


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                  Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

                  on the way to san fransisco area

                  san fransisco area.

                  well themed building for back to the future.

                  a closer look

                  christopher lloyd overload.

                  wasnt allowed photos inside so here is the last shot outdoors.

                  Backdraft very loud and explosive... needs to be replaced but no photos allowed inside.

                  some lovely themed buildings.

                  overview shot of this area.

                  a look at the wait board.

                  the attraction was closed for refurb sadly

                  but the area was themed very nicely.

                  all dried up! the dinosaurs are extinct. More photos to come shortly


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                    Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

                    a look at the entrance, i was on a tiime crunch so i didnt do this since ive seen it in LA.

                    moving into the jaws area.

                    Doesnt matter what coast you are in people love taking photos with Jaws.

                    getting ready to load.

                    the lovely host of the jaws boat attraction...

                    Last shot from jaws, i was told to shut my camera off at this point. I Obliged.

                    Darn Height restrictions.

                    Land of Oz (see sign above)

                    I followed the Yellow brick road.

                    Besides the merry go round, they had Toto and friends show an animal show and wicked which was closed.

                    Great show.. No videos allowed lots of energy fun music and some fireworks 2.

                    This concludes my photo tour.... I will be back soon with some small videos. and a trip report... Hope you liked it!


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                      Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

                      [ame=""]YouTube - amazing adventures of spiderman universl studios japan[/ame]

                      as promised video... here is amazing adventures of spiderman...

                      [ame=""]YouTube - ET Universal studios osaka spielberg[/ame]

                      and here is spielberg introducing ET in japanese.

                      [ame=""]YouTube - ET Adventure universal studios osaka[/ame]
                      quick scene from ET in US Osaka.

                      [ame=""]YouTube - ET Attraction Universal studios Osaka[/ame]

                      longer scenes of ET , a little dark but you can still get the idea of the fun..

                      Ok thats all for tonight. I will get to posting my review of the park soon.!
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                        Re: Universl Studios Osaka Photo Report

                        ok time for my trip report. I went to Universal studios Osaka on a whim literally I didnt think I would have enough time for it. My Main trip was focused on Tokyo and then of course the 5 days at the disney resort but I did a day side trip to kyoto, I decided to spend the night in Kyoto and realized osaka was an hour away with the bullet train so i went into osaka and made it to Universal studios by about 11am , I only had a few hours I left by about 330pm but I made the most of my day I moved quick , took lots of pictures and spent the money to upcharge for the express pass. The express pass gave you priority admission to Rip Rock it, Amazing adventures of spidermn, ET, Jaws, Jurassic park, back to the future , Terminator. If you didnt want Rip rock it , you could use it on any of the attractions on the list which was nice. Jurassic park was unfortunately closed but i met nice cast member who let me go on a different attraction instead. So Just quickly recapping. Having been to La its in my backyard and florida twice i would say this is the nicest designed universal studios . I actually dont like the one in hollywood. The one here in osaka was clean , the cast members were friendly and the characters were plentiful throughout the time of day. Once I entered into the park, I immediately felt immersed in the atmosphere and theme. I was very glad this park didnt have a tram tour. I also liked how in the distance you could see the city bridge and the designers did an excellent job of blending that in with the park. First thing I did was go to ET... and it brought back alot of fun memories , from Et saying your name to the end of the ride to moving through the attraction on your faux bicycles , i dont think i had ridden Et since the early 90's
                        Next I headed to the amazing adventures of spider man and ended up riding that twice. I gotta say that was the most fun i have had on attraction in a while. The 3d was great. excellent movement . one of the best well designed attractions i have been on in terms of modern attractions. I dare say it may have been the best one in japan. After being amazed by spiderman I did back to the future. The building was cleverly designed and the attraction was identical to that of LA. It was still fun overall and great to go on since they dont have it anymore in the states. After Back to the future, I went on Jaws and was very impressed, the young lady even though i didnt understand a word she said was an excellent actress... she didnt let me take photos which i was saddened but i really enjoyed the experience. I also felt the attraction was longer and more detailed than florida but cant confirm , definitely better than hollywood. Next up was terminator and it was very much status quo to what hollywood was the only difference was john connor was played by a younger japanese guy. It was well done and executed just like in hollywood and florida. After that I managed to catch the universal monsters rock n roll show , which was great reminded me of beetlejuice of old but with lots of loud music, fireworks singing and dancing. I didnt have much time so i spent the remainder of the day walking around and taking pictures. The oz area while visually stimulating lacked in attractions especially since wicked was closed. would of loved to see an oz dark ride. but overall in my few short hours I was pleaseantly suprised and had a great time...!


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                          Re: Universal Studios Osaka Photo Report

                          Thanks for this lighttragic.

                          It's sad that the Japanese ET closed in May, nice that you got one last memory of the Hollywood one from it. I vaguely remember the ride from 1995-98.

                          What's strange though is that ET is slated to open in the three new Universal Parks (Singapore, Dubai and South Korea).

                          I also think it's amazing how well Steven Spielberg speaks Japanese
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                            Re: Universal Studios Osaka Photo Report

                            That report was quite great! Did you get to do the Snoopy roller coaster?
                            Do do do do do do dodododododo!

                            -My Electrical Parade Impersonation


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                              Re: Universal Studios Osaka Photo Report

                              Originally posted by Disneyson 1 View Post
                              That report was quite great! Did you get to do the Snoopy roller coaster?
                              No didnt have a chance 2, unfortunately I was on a time crunch and i had to be back in Zushi which is an hour past tokyo by 8pm... and I just made it by leaving Osaka around 330-4pm. I hope to go back in a couple years,,,


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