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10/15/09 USH-HHN Trip Report


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  • 10/15/09 USH-HHN Trip Report


    Bag check was not busy. The far left gates will have no wait compared to the far right.

    7PM opening and past the LET THE GAMES BEGIN & WELCOME TO HELL scare zones.

    "Chucky's Funhouse" was to open at 7:30pm. Went to "My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever" first with a posted 5 minute wait.

    Walked thru THE MEAT MARKET scare zone to the lower lot past THERE WILL BE BLOOD scare zone. "SAW: Game Over" had no wait at all.

    Went back up for a 5 minute wait to "Halloween: The Life and Crimes of Michael Myers".

    Went to "Chucky's Funhouse" for a posted 35 minute wait, but was more like 20 minutes.

    Next was "Terror Tram: Live or Die" with virtually no wait.

    Took a spin on "The Simpsons Ride" with 25 minute wait.

    Waited at 10pm for the 10:30 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure AKA Bill & Ted Party On! AKA Bill & Ted in the Land of the Lost Pop Culture.

    Then walked thru FREAKZ scare zone to wait at 11:15pm for the 11:30pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute. Exit thru SHAUN OF THE DEAD scare zone.

    Walked thru the stores and wanted this shirt. Got out of the park by 12:35am-ish when the park closed at 1AM. TOTALLY disappointed they didn't have the chainsaw group scaring people exiting. Maybe they were on break?? That's been really fun to see knowing that is the only way to exit the park besides walking thru the store.

    MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Average wait time didn't go past 35 minutes except the HALLOWEEN maze at 50 minutes one point. Not too crowded on a Thursday night.

    Bloody Valentine reused some props from The Asylum and Freddy Kreuger maze. Halloween reused some items from Friday the 13th maze. Chucky had a good backstory about a doll army in a freak circus, but it was essentially the same year-round maze. It was a good idea to put the Chucky Emporium at the beginning of the maze instead of having its own show. Saw had elements from Texas Chainsaw, but still cool. I was probably the most freaked in the Halloween maze.

    Terror Tram didn't wind thru the Grinch scene this year but did cut thru the Bates Motel which is a plus. They stacked vehicles up close to guests and the Motel which is another plus. The wilderness walk seemed better with their props not so sprawl, I think. I think they also had more/better hiding places for scarers in the War of the World set. At the end they squeeze you between two parked trams which is a plus.

    Bill & Ted Review
    Show script is not very good compared to the last previous years. Fear Factor LIVE actually had a good Bill & Ted setting. Black Lagoon set is just not good. Why did they take out the spinning floor?! At least they set up an extended stage for dancers. I got annoyed with actors walking from stage right to center stage. Why not just enter from stage right or left... They didn't even lift the phone booth. Due to the storyline, it made sense. But it felt cheap to me compared to what they were able to do in previous years. And the newscast video opening is unwanted.

    What I liked: Hangover references, John Connor and his repel from the ceiling, Shatner kick young Kirk, GI JOE pair, Watchmen pair, Spectre vs Baroness (this would have been a great spinning floor moment), Rosche as a flasher, Twlight Ed vampire "gay", Peanuts piano music, voice collar on Sleestak was good subtle reference to "UP" without getting too much in trouble from Disney.

    Rocky Horror Tribute Review
    The Terminator building was referred to as the castle from the movie. Inside the theater, it was completely packed. They actually had standby people stand/sit near where you entered the theater. I don't know, but I thought that would be a fire hazard. Then the employees cleared the aisles so I thought that was slightly better. But I don't if that was for the fire code or for performers to walk by.

    Good use of the balcony platform for that one character while he looked down from the castle.

    Good use of the sprinkler system from the Terminator show. Although I thought they should have cut or shortened the first two songs considering I think they are a bit slow and we need to get the audience who are not into the movie rocking and rolling. The story could be we the guests are just like the couple coming into the castle out of the rain. Although I really did like the sprinkler system being reused as "rain".

    Good use of the elevated platform in center stage.

    I thought they were gonna bring out Meat Loaf, "What Ever happened to Saturday Night", and motorcycle like in movie considering Terminator's bike already there. They had no problem revealing the "secret" motorcycle door on the side. To get the bike off stage, they could have done it during a blackout.

    I liked how the Doctor "powers" up Rocky and the seats lift. Then when the castle lifts off, creates a "4D" effect reusing the Terminator explosion and seat drop effect. I thought that was really cool.

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    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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