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Universal Studios Singapore is racing against time for a Chinese New Year opening


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  • Universal Studios Singapore is racing against time for a Chinese New Year opening

    Universal Studios Singapore is racing against time for a Chinese New Year opening

    Here is a new update on Universal Studios Singapore and its opening date. Before i go further, here is a special request: If you are a Disney and more reader living in Singapore, owner of a good digital camera, and intend to be at Universal Singapore on opening day please contact me by email at: [email protected] as i am looking for a photographer to shoot pictures of the park's opening. Any help from my Singaporian readers will be appreciated!

    In my last article i told you that the park said they were waiting for the Singapore Government authorization to open the park? Well, they've finally got a government authorization this week, but it's for the Casino opening!

    So, Resorts World Sentosa which include Universal Studios Singapore has been awarded its casino licence and for sure that's the authorization they were waiting for. I strongly doubt they were waiting for a government authorization to open the park but they were indeed waiting for the casino license as it will be the real money maker of the resort. With the Chinese new year coming on February 14th and big Chinese gamblers expected for this celebration it was urgent to get this casino license, and now they have it.

    The grand arch at the park's entrance and ticket booths (below) are ready to welcome the guests...but the park is not open yet!

    So, nothing should stop now the theme park opening, you ask? Well, normally yes, but truth is that Universal Singapore is fighting against time to have all attractions ready for a Chinese new year opening. Universal Creatives are working from 7a.m to 10p.m to test all the rides and last week they put the final touches on the Jurassic Park Ride. Right now it's not sure the park will open for the Chinese New Year as not enough Rides are fully operational.

    I know that strong rumors keep saying that USS will open this week - and even I told you they were looking for a soft opening on February 11 - but if they do so, chances are there will still be 4 or 5 Rides that won't be open. Not only there is always the last minute details but there are many layers of testing for each attraction and some of the rides haven't gone through all of them. In two words four or five rides are not totally safe yet. May be they will be this week, may be not. Some of the rides are really complex and let's hope that Universal won't decide to open the park anyway including these not-totally-tested rides simply because they don't want to miss the Chinese new year event.

    However, the good thing is that Universal is generally very strict on these security issues and that's the right thing to do.

    In the meantime final touches are done, including last minute technical problems like the one that happened last week on the famous Universal Studios Globe at the entrance of the park.

    More pictures about Universal Studios Singapore in the D&M full article here:

    Disney and more: Universal Studios Singapore is racing against time for a Chinese New Year opening

    All pictures: copyright Mark Lim