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D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report


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  • D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report

    D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report - Panoramic Pictures

    As it was announced yesterday Universal Studios Singapore is finally opening next Sunday, February 14th, for one week of sneak preview. Disney and more have a great pictorial report for you today with fantastic panoramic pictures which will give you the feeling to visit the park, just like if you were there. A kind of sneak preview before the "real" sneak preview!

    Most of the pictures you will see today are new pictures. There is 34 new pictures, but to make sure you'll have a view of all different lands i've added some pictures posted previously. Two or three pictures were shoot while the park was still under construction just some weeks ago, specially the New York Streets pictures, and of course all building machines you'll see on the pictures are removed now and guests of the sneak preview will see a park totally finished, even if some rides are not yet operational.

    Also, you will notice on some pictures lot of people just like if the park was already open, especially in the Mel's Drive-In restaurant shots. That's because some of the pics were shoot two weeks ago during the "family employee preview" day. For any theme parks there is always a "family day" before the park's opening where employees and people who helped to built the park can invite their Family members.

    And one more thing: due to a mistake during the shooting the "date stamp" appeared on some pictures. And because it's panoramic pictures made of four or five different pictures put together there was four date stamps! No big drama but as these date stamps were really un-esthetic and as i really want to pay tribute to the fantastic work done by Universal creative people i did my best to hide them. In some cases i had no other choice than to put a colored rectangle on these damn' date stamps. It was a huge work but most of the time you won't notice them, and if you do just remember they're here to hide a date stamp, and of course that they don't exist in the real decor.

    So, let's have a look at these great panoramic pictures showing all the different areas of the park. As usual click on each panoramic picture to see it in big size and explore the park in details. The first picture at the top is of course the park's entrance with the Universal Studios famous revolving globe. Same for the picture below with the tickets booths.

    This next picture show the grand entrance of the park.

    Let's enter the Hollywood area. On the picture below the camera is looking towards the entrance you saw in the previous picture.

    A panoramic view of Hollywood Blvd, the entrance of the park is on the right.

    Inside one of the shops. Could not located where it is exactly, but might be in the Hollywood area.

    Exiting the Hollywood Blvd, on the center of the picture. On the right the Madagascar land, where the big ship is, on the left looking towards New York Streets.

    The Brown Derby shop where guests will find great headwear is located on the right when you exit Hollywood. The big building structure behind it is 1500 seats Pantages Hollywood Theater fully equipped to host major Broadway musicals. Guests will watch the Universal Monsters Revue with a rock and roll style.

    On the picture below it's Universal Singapore Central Plaza, with the Mel's drive-In restaurant on the right. You can see Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City lands on the other side of the lagoon.

    Another exterior view of the Mel's Drive-In.

    These vintage cars are parked in front of the Mel's Drive-In restaurant.

    Jump to the D&M full article where 45 GREAT panoramic pictures awaits you for a full visit of the park!!!

    Disney and more: D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report - Panoramic Pictures

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    Re: D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report

    It may be small, but that is one beautiful theme park!
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