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4/21 Trip Report

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  • 4/21 Trip Report

    I was able to squeeze in 2 hrs of USH after my shift ended so I have a mini-TR for you all.

    A lot of work is being done at the former Backdraft and SFx Stages attractions. A large crane is removing what looks like air conditioning units from the roof of the Backdraft attraction.

    Both buildings are surrounded by scaffolding and plastic sheeting for unknown reasons possibly for repainting. Also, the signage and the video screen that used to be outside of the SFx Stages have been removed and are backstage.

    The outer framework of the new Kong sound stage is now enclosed. The Collapsing Bridge is still closed due to Kongstruction and the lake below it is still drained.

    Studio Tour:
    The TF&TF portion of the Studio Tour has reopened after a brief refurb with no noticeable changes. The earthquake sound stage was running in B-Mode as the train was running late and didn't derail during the earthquake. A very odd thing happened during the photo shot at the WotW set. A man in the second car climbed over the safety gate (ignoring the tram operator's instructions to stay in the tram), went behind one of the house facades on the right side of the tram, relieved himself, climbed back over the safety gate, and took his seat. Security was called. The man was removed from the tram (still e-stopped in the WotW set) and taken away. Kudos to the Studio Tour guide for keeping his cool and not letting it affect him.

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    Re: 4/21 Trip Report

    Wait. a person got OFF the tram, ran behind a facade, and took a pee? with everyone sitting there watching? and then just casually got back onto the tram. and no pictures?

    Thats the best part of the whole trip report. Thanks for posting.
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      Re: 4/21 Trip Report

      OFF the tram...and he didn't run over or anything. He calmly walked over with his hands in his pockets as if he was going outside to get the mail. No one knew what was going on so by the time everyone realized what he was doing, he was already walking back towards the tram.

      A woman in the row behind me thought he was part of the show (a la Norman Bates at the Bates Motel portion of the ST) and said "Oh, I get it. He's supposed to be M. Night Shyamalan because he always puts himself in his movies." I just about died laughing.


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        Re: 4/21 Trip Report

        I like the progress they're having with Transformers. At this rate I'm sure they'll make the Summer 2011 opening date.

        My dad works at the studios so I ask him once a week when he's on break to see how they're coming along with Transformers. When he asked one of the construction workers about the progress on Monday, they said they were still removing items from Backdraft and SES. So I guess they're still in the gutting process and in the meantime working on the exterior for the ride. That's exciting news! Thanks for the photo update!