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My Conceptual Site Plan for SDL


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  • My Conceptual Site Plan for SDL

    Moderator: TITLE SHOULD READ 'FOR IOA', not 'FOR SDL'... thanks.

    For the past couple of months I’ve been creating conceptual site plans for what would be my ideal version of the Disney & Universal parks portfolio. Many are expanded or revised versions of existing parks, some are wholly original (see here:

    Here is one I did recently of Islands of Adventure:


    -The first and biggest thing is that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is not here. Three reasons:

    1. While TWWOHP is an incredible achievement in themed design, it came at the expense of two other great works (the Enchanted Oak Tavern & Dueling Dragons Queue). Here on the internet everyone can live happily together in this imaginary world of idealized theme parks, so...

    2. ...I’m giving the Wizarding World a bigger & better treatment at a new, third Universal franchise theme park.

    3. With its Merlinwood section intact, the Lost Continent is a more complete Island.

    -Again, Wizarding World’s Hogsmeade, Forbidden Journey and other original attractions (obviously not Dragon Challenge) will be included in an original, 3rd gate for which I am currently putting together a conceptual site plan.

    -One thing I’ve tried to address is ride diversity. So in islands with only family rides (e.g. Seuss Landing), I’ve added something for older kids/ teens/adults & vice versa.

    -Closed, quality attractions Island Skipper Tours & Triceratops Encounter are back.

    -Seuss Landing gets 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' – a coaster similar to Big Thunder (train themed as an elongated sleigh) in size & intensity. Queue goes through Who-ville and ride moves in and around Mt Crumpit.

    -The Lost Continent features the opening-day Poseidon show. Dueling Dragons gets much more landscaping around the coaster tracks. The coaster support beams are extensively themed to look like trees. This is no longer a naked steel coaster. Its classic queue is preserved.

    -I’ve added a rather large & extensive, yet gentle, family dark ride based on the animated film Quest for Camelot (not sure who owns the rights). It is a Disney-style fairytale that fits the Merlinwood theme.

    -Jurassic Park sees the addition the Helicop-Tours (above Isla Sorna, the back-up island from the 2nd book) attraction that was once planed.

    -The final addition is a kid-friendly dark ride in Marvel Island based on the Super Hero Squad.

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    Re: My Conceptual Site Plan for SDL

    Excellent job with this! You made IOA even better than it was before. I really like the additions you made to the park. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the Quest for Camelot ride. But anyway, I'm really looking forward to your ideas for a third gate. Just one question, are you also doing a Ideal version of the Studios park?
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