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Do you think they'll have to enforce this at WWOHP?


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  • Do you think they'll have to enforce this at WWOHP?

    You know how at Disney, they don't allow adults to wear frilly costumes (unless it's Halloween or another special event) or how you have to be a certain age or younger in order to wear a Disney princess or pirate costume?

    Now I'm wondering since a vast majority of Harry Potter fans are older people, they're likely to wear Hogwarts robes into the park (as seen in many preview photos/videos) like they do for book premieres.

    However since people who are staff in various areas of WWOHP (Frog Choir, FJ) also wear Hogwart students you think it will be likely that Universal may have to create a policy that requires guests do not wear costumes into IOA/WWOHP (outside of special events) in order to preserve the "magic" as you will?

    This is not really a concern for me, as I'm not THAT big of a Harry Potter junkie but consider the bigger fans who would wear this stuff all of time and wouldn't be allowed to wear it in the one place where it would create a truly immersive experience. I wouldnt know who's side to be on here as it would be a bit confusing to differentiate the staff in WWOHP from the guests if they're all wearing the same thing.

    I just have a feeling this may likely be the case unless Universal is more laid back about what their guests wear (as opposed to Disney)

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    Re: Do you think they'll have to enforce this at WWOHP?

    we'll im sure they'll make sure no one but the staff is dressed up since on horror nights customs are not allowed sooo think this will be easy 4 them.
    Happy Halloween!!!


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