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HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!


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  • HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!

    EDIT: If a Mod could change it to 6/24/10 on the Topic, that would be great.

    Hey Everyone I have a HUGE Universal Studios Update for you all. After not visiting the park in just a month that have Flooded the park with promotions for Despicable Me all around the park. Plus Video's of New Effects from around the Park like Dancing, Character Bash, New Raptor effect (JP) and House of Horror NEW ENDING!!!
    In Part One of the Update we have
    1) New Posters around the Park (Kong, and New Movies)
    2)New Items in the House of Horror's Q (go to the video below 4 more House of Horror's)
    3)The New Special Effects Show (outside)
    4) Despicable Me Advertisements
    5) The Mummy (New Safety Poster and fans)
    6)Jurassic Park (A Dinosaur lost his Tail? and a new Rope)
    7)Transformers Update (Dude they took out the whole front wall)
    8) Views from above the park (very cool)
    9)The Character Bash show and just Characters around the park.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Universal Studios Update 5/24/10 Part 1[/ame]

    Part 2
    1)Tram New York, King Kong and Another Western Street
    [ame=""]YouTube- Universal Studios Update 6/24/10 Part 2[/ame]

    House of Horror's NEW ENDING (sorry the begging is black but at the end you see the new character added to the maze)
    [ame=""]YouTube - House of Horrors New Ending[/ame]

    Universal Studios Character Bash Ending
    [ame=""]YouTube- Universal Studios Character Bash Ending![/ame]

    New Jurassic Park Raptor FLASHING!!!
    [ame=""]YouTube- New Jurassic Park Raptor FLASHING!!![/ame]
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    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!

    Thanks for the update.

    That Beetlejuice is great, don't think I've ever had the pleasure of seeing him.

    Is Doc still around? I saw him in January, but haven't seen any updates of him since.


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      Re: HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!

      ^I saw Doc about a month ago, he is still around on the Top Floor.
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Re: HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!

        The flashing light at the raptor attack isn't new, it hasn't been working in a while- there's also a strobe by the lower one on the left that I haven't seen work in a long time.
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          Re: HUGE Universal Studios Update! 2/24/10!!!

          ^we'll its new thats its working, lol...i just saw it and it reminded me of what they did to the maze.
          Happy Halloween!!!


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