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King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010


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  • King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010


    Universal Studios Hollywood had a red carpet/media special event for King Kong 360 3D, and Special Effects Show today (June 29, 2010), and here's a special video of it...

    Peter Jackson gives a LIVE satellite feed & opens King Kong 360 3D:
    [ame=]YouTube - King Kong 360 3-D: Grand Opening at Universal Studios![/ame]

    The new Special Effects show up on the Upper Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood. Once was the home of 'Adventures of Conan' stunt show (sadly miss) was built for originally. Later, the show building housed 'Beetlejuice's Rock & Roll Graveyard Revue,' then the short lived 'Spider-Man' & 'Creature of the Black Lagoon' concerts. Anyway, here's the new Special Effects Show, given the space constraints and not much backstage holding area to hold much props, and effects. The use of the silver screen plays a bigger part in the show then when the original show was housed on the Lower Lot.

    Part 1
    [ame=]YouTube - NEW!! Special Effects Stage 2010 Part 1[/ame]

    Part 2
    [ame=]YouTube - NEW!!! Special Effects Stage Part 2[/ame]

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    Re: King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010

    It's a big month for new attractions at USH! Look out Uni Orlando, USH is delivering one cool attraction after another. Everybody went ape for the red carpet Kong Event... and Transformers is on the horizon!

    Fantastic videos, JMora.
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      Re: King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010

      Cant Wait to go and see Kong, It better be great!
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Re: King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010

        I love discovering new videos of any theme park attraction from Universal & Disneyland resort and this new Kong attraction isn't going to be left out. So, I found two new videos today that captured King Kong 360 3D's red carpet event yesterday.

        1) This one covers the red carpet event, some interviews, and the attraction itself. The person who put this video together has done some editing to the attraction itself, and from the looks it. He rode it twice, one on the right, and the other time on the left side.
        YouTube - King Kong 3D 360 Debut

        2)This next one is just the full attraction itself, and with this one, you can hear the wind effects blowing against the camera man's microphone from the brush of the T-Rex tail to falling into the canyon, etc.
        YouTube - King Kong 360/3-D at Universal Studios Hollywood

        *With any new attraction, staff is working out all the bugs. Like, besides Kong Kong's breath, you even smell the breath of T-Rex's (which smells like rotten meat) and other smell effects are being worked into the attraction but has you can witness, it's a big hit... period!

        Here's what some critics have said:
        >USA Today claims that Universal Studios Hollywood has succeeded in living up to its own hype with King Kong 360 3-D, agreeing that it is "the largest, most intense 3D experience on the planet".

        >Theme Park Adventure Magazine described the new tour stop as a "solid 7" out of 10 on its Twitter account, saying that it was difficult to compare it to the original Kong attraction (which was destroyed in a fire in 2008).

        >Dread Central praises the dynamic nature of the new Kong attraction, compared with the previous version, saying: "Gone is the static feeling of a large animatronic head roaring at you, replaced with an all-out sensory overload as the tram was knocked around through all out war in a fully immersive 3D environment."

        >Theme Park Insider also picks up on the action-packed nature of King Kong 360 3-D, saying that it "slams riders with 90 seconds of the most intense fight ever seen in a theme park."
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          Re: King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010

          Another new video coverage...
          [ame=]YouTube - King Kong 360 3D Premiere Video Coverage[/ame]


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            Re: King Kong 360 3D & Special Effects 'Media Event' - June 29, 2010

            Latest video, this time, with a split screen. Showing both the left & right side simultaneously.
            [ame=]YouTube - King Kong 360 | 3-D @ Universal Studios Hollywood - June 25, 2010[/ame]


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