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My review of new Kong 360 3D

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  • My review of new Kong 360 3D

    First off I'm a AP holder and Disabled so I was in my powerchair for this visit.

    It was a bit crowded for a Thursday July 1st, but almost everyone in the park was in the queue for the tram tour. The line started at what is usually the entrance and as I have a special GAP card for being in a wheelchair I took the exit line to get to the elevator, down below it was mayhem more crowded than I have ever seen it was packed to capacity and overflowing in the queue, the pathway to the wheelchair area which is usually empty was jammed packed with I don't know what crowd we had to force our way thru, I suggest using the exit line from the tram to get to the wheelchair area if they let you.

    I am able to get up out of the chair so I did to get on the tram but they refused to let me sit anywhere but the first car, saying the view is just as good there as anywhere on the tram DO NOT BELIEVE THIS LIE, the first car view sux totally, you want to be as close to the last car as possible 3rd is probably best as you want to be able to look forward not just to the sides. Next time im going in with my cane instead so I can try and get on the 3rd car.

    Quickly about the rest of the tour, it was all spiffed up with the new almost completed NY backlot, got to go down Desperate Housewives st and they were dressing it and the garage doors were open and full of props it was funny.

    Now for Kong, first on the tour you go thru NY then up to Kong there was a bit of a wait for about 3 trams ahead to go thru. You make a u-turn where the bridge used to be and enter the building which has a cheezzy cheap attempt at a skull island theme to it which I guess its better than tan stucco. you want in semi darkness looking at flat gray repetative pattern stone wall then you enter the big oval theater space which is just big enough for the tram hence if you sit in front car you get a forward view of a black door!

    Now for the review of the actual show, if want to be surprised the first time you go don't read this part!

    Its real short only 2 mins, the tram does move around but I found softer and more comfortable a movement than earthquake which is way to violent for someone in my condition. They use that haunt stink smellorama that does not smell like a jungle at all. It is not 360 not entirely and you have to follow action as it moves from one side of tram to other over the top of it, so you need to sit near back of tram and look right, forward, left and back several times. If your stuck near the front of the tram you have to whiplash your head back and forth left to right with no knowledge of what you may be missing on the other side! The image looked a little fuzzy, low rez like they were pushing beyond the capabilities of the projectors and odd double hazy images seen however the overall effect of being surrounded by a huge screen in 3D was impressive there were also fans blowing air and lots and lots of spittle being splattered I got two huge golf ball sized drops of trex slobber on my face as it swung its head BEWARE OF TREX'S SWINGING HEADS lol I really like the dinos but kong himself was boring, the broken off tram car being flung around was fun but really ruined the skull island theme. The show had an odd swooshing forward and back feel to it. Basically this is the scene from the film where kong battles the dinos and then they all fall down a ravine to swing on the vines and the tram is swinging with the trex's and kong.

    As a stand alone ride/attraction it is way too short and the tram cars get in the way of a better experience, as an addition to the tour its great.

    It is more of a new way to view a 3D movie one I would love to see in a real theater minus tram with people able to sit , stand walk around and be surrounded by huge 3D images in a much longer film 2 mins is too short, if only a star wars like movie could be viewed this way! This could be the future of films but not rides unless its a smaller open car ride like those found at Disneyland.

    After leaving the tour one little girl was overheard summing it up perfectly " the old kong was better".....
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    Re: My review of new Kong 360 3D

    Thanks for your review!