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Transformers 3 - Filming in Chicago!


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    Re: Transformers 3 - Filming in Chicago!

    More footage from the Wabash/Lake Parking Lot filming location, a lot more action witnessed in this video from the past few days. [ame=""]YouTube- Transformers 3 filming in Chicago at Lake and Wabash 8/18/10 with explosions[/ame]
    It's official, once Transformers 3 wraps up filming in Chicago this week, the production is off to Detroit, Michigan. The location, Packard Plant on East Grand Boulevard. No idea for how long or what other locations will occur in the city of Detroit. So, Detroit transformer fans, keep your eyes & cameras ready =)


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      Re: Transformers 3 - Filming in Chicago!

      One location for Detroit, Michigan has been confirmed so far, while another spot where production crew sets up shop (prepping, etc) around 2404 Vernor near I-75 and Michigan Avenue in Detroit.

      The location that the city gave permission to film a major set sequence is at the old Motor City Industrial Park complex. Abandoned over 50 years ago, with over 4.5 million square foot area to play with, it has a lot history of course. Those not familiar, this place...


      Filming dates at this location aren't set yet but sometime in September after the filming wraps in Chicago in the next couple of days. Being that place is abandoned, I highly doubt the public, and transformer fans will be able to go in, and see production, etc when it starts.
      Meantime, lets dance =)
      [ame=""]YouTube- Devastating Satisfaction[/ame]
      though this video of the same jam is better...
      [ame=""]YouTube- Raveformer[/ame]
      The song(s) by the way is 'Satifaction' by Benny Benassi
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        Re: Transformers 3 - Filming in Chicago!

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