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Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012


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  • Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012

    Universal Studios in 'Dubailand' (entertainment complex 20x bigger then Walt Disney World), a proposed Universal Studios theme park located in Dubai like no other Universal complex on Earth! The project is a joint venture costing over 8 billion dirhams ($2.2 billion US) with Dubai-based Tatweer, a partner in Dubai Holdings, Inc. It's been under construction the past year or so. It's just not 1, not just 2 but 3 Universal theme parks all connected as one mega Universal theme park.

    Along with entertainment resorts, CityWalk will actually be a working entertainment city with over 4,000 units of hotel accommodations, over 100 restaurants, & mega mall. A city filled with entertainment from 100 night clubs, casinos & bars too. For Jurassic Park lovers, Universal is actually going to build a Jurassic Park theme park with a JP themed hotel resort included. Guest with rooms over looking some of the jungles of Jurassic Park, can see/hear the dinosaurs walk, & roar 24/7. All while in Jurassic Park, guests can finally ride the Ford tour trucks through Jurassic Park, and try to survive a loose T-Rex!

    Universal Studios Dubai will also have over 12 top rides. From a dueling King Kong roller coaster, actually building giant audio-animatronic King Kong's at various stages of the roller coaster. In addition, new The Mummy, ET, Back to the Future, Fast & the Furious rides to name a few. This place is going to be AMAZING. Opens December 2012 - Universal Studios Dubailand

    Here's what to expect...
    The over-all Universal complex (below)

    Universal Studios

    Jurassic Park section is seeing at the bottom (more additions have been added since this photo has been taken)

    See that huge lagoon, that's part of Jurassic Park, with scenes like this...

    Here's the Jurassic Park themed resort hotel with Jurassic Park theme park in the foreground.

    Here's the King Kong roller coaster.

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    Re: Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012

    Unfortunately, the project is on indefinite hold. The Kong and Jurassic Park Hotel concept arts are pretty neat. I've never seen those before.


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      Re: Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012

      Not only is in on infinite hold, that model is not even the most current plan from when it wasn't cancelled.

      The new version looked way cooler. I always thought the concept presented in that model was pretty lame, especially since the announced it not long after Universal in Singapore and that model looked awesome.


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        Re: Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012

        Fast and the Furious ride? Interesting. Do you know more about it and what type of ride it would have been?

        Also, I heard something on Screamscape about them wanting to do a Ghsotbusters trackless interactive dark ride. Since the project has been canned maybe they could put in USH after Transformers is done. :whistling


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          Re: Universal Studios Dubai - December 2012

          Being reminded of the hilariously epic failure known as Dubailand gives me the warm fuzzies. I just wish I could waste as much time and money as these people did.


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