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Script for Terminator 2 3D Battle across time.


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  • Script for Terminator 2 3D Battle across time.

    While persuing my hobby of reading correctly formatted sreenplays (very difficult to do mind you) I stumbled across this script.

    This is an internet copy of the Universal Studios Hollywood Terminator 2 3D Battle Across Time script. I was very surprised to find that it was not just the script of actual film footage but included a description of the buildings outer facade, the qeue area and even the live stage performances.

    To read the script, click the link below.

    Who would've thought somthing like this exsists?

    P.S. Although I have never been on the attraction, I imagine there are some minor differences between the script and the final show. Please do not immidiately try to tell me that this isn't the script because of these differences. This may not be a final draft, or the director thought a certain change was neccesary in order to help the show. (This happens alot more often than you think.
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