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Disneylander needs advice about IOA

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  • Disneylander needs advice about IOA

    Want to know what to do in Disneyland for a day or three? I can help. My wife and I visit there 2 to 3 times a month on average.

    Want to know how to see Harry Potter and Islands of Adventure? Not a clue. But we'll be there on Monday, Jan 13 to see Harry and the rest of IOA. I've read almost all of what's posted here about Harry and friends but I'm open to suggestions about the rest of IOA. We're not big on roller coasters, hey, we got the senior discount to the movies tonight!

    Suggestions anyone?

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    Re: Disneylander needs advice about IOA

    More than happy to help! There is so much to see and do at both theme parks for people who don't like roller coasters. I will do a break down for both parks of attractions.

    Islands of Adventure

    Sinbad's 8th Voyage
    WWoHP street shows - the girls, the boys, the choir

    Stationary Attractions:
    Poseidon's Fury
    Olivandra's Wand Shop
    Triceratops Encounter (probably won't be open but do check)
    Camp Jurassic - Think Tom Sawyers Island with some treats
    If I ran the Zoo - A cool interactive attraction
    Me Ship the Olive - Think Donald's Boat with some fun surprises

    Slow Moving Attractions:
    One Fish Two Fish
    High in the Sky Seuss Trolly Train Ride
    Pteredon Flyers (check first thing in the morning or near park close since this has odd requirements and long waits)

    Rides with mild thrill:
    Flight of the Hipogriff - think Gadget's Go Coaster
    Cat In The Hat - mild spins
    Jurassic Park River Adventure - pretty much the same as in Hollywood
    Dudley Doo Right's Ripsaw Falls - think splash mountain
    Popeye's Bildge Rat Barges - think Grizzle River Run
    Storm Force Acceleration - think tea cups

    Rides with Medium Thrills:
    Forbidden Journey - AMAZING
    Spider Man - AMAZING

    Rides with Intense Thrills:
    Dragon Challenge
    Incredible Hulk
    Dr Doom Fearfall

    Universal Studios

    Animal Actors Live
    Beattle Juice Grave Yard Revue
    Horror Makeup Show

    Stationary Attractions:
    Twister: Ride it Out
    Shrek 4-D - same as is in Hollywood
    Terminator 2 3-D - same as in Hollywood
    I Love Lucy a Tribute
    Curious George Play Place (you must check it out)
    Jimmy Nutron - (request the stationary seating)

    Slow Moving Attractions:
    E.T. - same as was in Hollywood
    JAWs - think jungle cruise on steroids if possible ride this when it is dark

    Rides with Mild Thrills:
    The Simpson's - same as in Hollywood
    MEN IN BLACK - think Buzz Lightyear 1000 times better.
    Woody Wood Pecker Nuthouse - think gadget go coaster

    Rides with Medium Thrills:
    Mummy Revenge - much different than is in Hollywood

    Rides with Intense Thrills:
    Rip it Ride it Rock it

    I hope this helps! You will have soooo much fun!
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      Re: Disneylander needs advice about IOA

      Spiderman is a great 3D Dark ride fun for any ages. Also they have three great water rides (Jurassic Park, Diddle Do Right and Popeye the Sailor Man)
      Cat and the Hat is fun and of course the new Harry Potter land is a do not miss.
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Re: Disneylander needs advice about IOA

        KingEric, JarrodDRagon

        Thanks for the info. I appreciate your time.

        I'm assuming that the crowds will go down now that the holiday rush is over. Can you tell me what to expect during the week in January?


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          Re: Disneylander needs advice about IOA

          Peace and quiet. Sip the parks. Take them SLOW or else you will end up feeling dissatisfied. So you are going January 13th, which is a Thursday. You are going to LOVE IT! You should be able to do most of it. You are going to have a blast!
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