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So what's the consensus on UHN?


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  • So what's the consensus on UHN?

    So this weekend (and Monday) is the last chance to go.... I havnt gone this year.. here's where I stand on it:

    I really enjoyed last years event, especially with the use of the front of the line pass. Couldn't have asked for a better time.

    I had a very bad experience a few years back when I DIDN'T have the FOLP.

    I dont' like the new policy this year of only being able to use the FOLP once on each maze.. as I feel you really need to do each maze twice to appreciate it.. especially at the prices they are charging...

    I already went to the Queen Mary event and a couple others in Las Vegas this year..

    so.. I'm asking.. is it worth it to go this year?... I'm 90% for just skipping it and waiting for next year, but 10% kind of wants to go on Halloween... however, it is a lot of $$$ to dish out (and that's a cheap night).

    Anyone else on the fence about going? Whats the general consensus from those who have gone?


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    Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

    when we went on thursday last week we did all 3 mazes upstairs, then terror tram, then the used FoL's for the downstairs 2 mazes, then back upstairs to do FoL for the 3 upstairs (i say 3 because House of Horrors is weak enough to not visit).

    we really loved HHN this year, the mazes were so amazing to look at and i can't imagine not visiting HHN during the haunting season.
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      Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

      We kind of did the opposite of what Elly did when we went.

      We went downstairs first, did Hostel and Alice Cooper without the FOL passes, then did them again with the FOL passes.

      I have to admit though, I would have LOVED to have gone back into Thing and La Llorona but we obviously couldn't because of the FOL thing. Did it take away my enjoyment of the event? Not sure.

      As it stood, we were done with everything (including the rides and Bill and Ted) by midnight. So there was certainly time to do the mazes more than once. Not sure if it's worth the $$.


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        Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

        thanks for the input....


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          Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

          Went the 8th. Fun but I did enjoy last year better (maybe because it was my first).
          Knew the park well, so didn't bother with front of the line. It was crowded but we did everything by 10.30. We went to La Llarona, The Thing, Hostel & Alice twice, Jurassic, then Scream, HOH.

          Cool year but I think this will be our last time attending for a year or two unless they amp it up last year. Haven't been to Knott's Haunt since 09 so maybe it's time to check it out next year.


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            Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

            I say go. You never know if any of these mazes will return. I'm pretty sure The Thing, Wolfman and House of 1000 Corpses won't. Hostel, Alice Cooper and La Llorona are all pretty possible though but it's never a for sure thing.

            I went twice this year. First time opening night (Friday) and second time on the 20th, which was a Thursday. Both times I got through EVERYTHING without a pass (including the rides). Both times, I had room for repeats but we slouched around a bit instead or my groups were generally just a bit slow. I imagine if I was by myself, I could probably do every maze two or three times, EASY.

            For you, going on Halloween and all, you'll definitely be able to do most of the mazes at least twice. The place is dead on Halloween and will be even more so this year since it's a Monday. Just be smart about your game plan. Off the bat, you know that Wolfman and HOTC don't need repeats since the HOH is there year round and you probably did HOTC already anyway. I'm also gonna say you probably won't wanna repeat Terror Tram either because it is just not up to par this year and there's generally not a lot to see anyway.

            So my advice is:
            Do HOTC first (this has the slowest line EVER and the wait time listed is always shorter than what it really is)
            Run to the lower lot and hit Alice Cooper and Hostel.
            For good measure, throw in JP and Mummy.
            If it's still before 8, as it should be, there will still be no lines for AC or Hostel. Do 'em again.
            Run back up, do another maze while the lines are a bit shorter (I'd recommend The Thing). It's a Monday so Terror Tram's line should still be short or NO WAIT all night. I'm not sure if it'll close early but either way, if it's still before 8, you should be fine.
            Then hit the Terror Tram, just to get it out of the way.
            As you're exiting, hit La Llorona.
            Repeat The Thing.
            By this time, crowds should have moved from the front of the park to the lower lot. Perfect oportunity to hit The Wolfman.
            One more repeat on La Llorona.
            You'll have plenty of time left, might as well do The Simpsons.
            With that, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have done all that by 12, which puts you just in time for the 12:30 showing of Bill and Ted.

            This is all amazingly possible because...
            - You're going on Halloween
            - You're going on a Monday
            - Hitting a maze as you're headed to the lower lot saves time.
            - Two mazes being on the lower lot, where there's no lines before 8, gives you plenty of time and repeatability.
            - Doing the Wolfman after 11, when there's no more line, once again saves a crap load of time.
            - Since it's a Monday, Terror Tram having no wait also helps.

            Basically, from that, the only things you'll need to think about is La Llorona and The Thing as those are the only lines you'll truly need to deal with if using that game plan but even than, at the most the lines for those will be 35 minutes, IF THAT.

            This year has GREAT variety. Although, some things to me, were just a bit hit and miss. But to others, those same things other people loved and vice versa. For example, I totally think La Llorona and The Thing are the stars this year, while many other people will say those are the weakest and the best mazes are Alice Cooper and Hostel. Shoot, I've even heard people say The Wolfman & HOTC was their favorite.

            It may not be the best year ever but it's still a lot of fun and not worth missing.
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              Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

              Originally posted by dth316 View Post
              For you, going on Halloween and all, you'll definitely be able to do most of the mazes at least twice. The place is dead on Halloween and will be even more so this year since it's a Monday.
              I think they're expecting a bigger attendance than you might expect for a Monday Halloween. All Universal City employees have deal with parking relocation that day which usually is reserved for Friday and Saturday HHN nights (and other days throughout the year).


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                Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                Hm. Well Murdy and the Facebook have all been saying it should be a fairly empty day. I still think one could easily do everything twice, especially if you can come close to doing everything twice on a crowded Friday night.


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                  Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                  Decided to bite the bullet and get tickets for Halloween night... only $38 each with an annual pass...hoping I can buy a front of line pass upgrade at the gate for a good rate. Anyone know what they are charging for the upgrade? Thanks for everyones suggestions...


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                    Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                    I think we got our upgrade for $30 extra.
                    Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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                      Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                      NOICE! Let us know what you thought!!!


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                        Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                        So taking in to account everyones ideas and expirences from this site.. we went last night.. overall, glad I did. Got there around 6pm... bought front of line passes for $30 each... made our way up to the very front. They opened up at 6:30 which was a pleasant surprise... Our plan was to hit as many mazes as possible without using the FOLP, and then use the pass to hit them a second time...made our way straight to The Thing... waited about 1 minute... Great maze! Took others advice and made our way downstairs.. walked right on to Alice Cooper, Hostel and The Mummy ride... used our FOLP for Jurrasic, even though the line was very short. Got a little too wet.. note to self.. skip Jurrasic next year.... Then we hit the ALice Cooper and Hostel mazes again using our FOLP.... lines are starting to get longer....
                        Next, we went to the Tram.. used FOLP... Got the take photos with Norman in front of the Psycho House which was cool... by the time we got back from the tram, the park was pretty packed.... most lines were an hour + wait... we went to La Larona (75 minutes).. used FOLP.... the maze was pretty crowded, so we were just walking through with the heard, which really cuts down on the scare... We gave the 2 "Scare Zones" several chances.. walking throught them many times... didn't have the same feel as in years past.... Hit the Wolfman, Rob Zombie and The Thing (all using FOLP) and then called it a night about 10 pm... Favorite NEW maze.. The Thing. Those aliens are creepy! Favorite old maze.. Rob Zombie... Thanks again to everyone who gave advice...


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                          Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                          glad to see people doing the smart thing with the FOLs by using them later in the night. when id sell them, it was the main thing i recommended to people. glad to see you liked the thing maze.


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                            Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                            The Thing maze was my favorite by far then La Lorna (probably spelled that wrong)
                            These are some of my favorite TRs I have posted

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                              Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

                              Yes, The Thing was really scary.. I have a feeling La Larona would have been really scary had we hit it earlier when the crowds were smaller.. its just hard to get scared when you are walking through in a cattle heard.. One more observation. Last year I noticed they were big on "Scent" effects. I remember Saw smelled really nasty as well as others.. this year, not so much.. but this year they seemed to really overuse the "squirt effects". I got shot in the face and the eye like 10 times that night. Even walking down the path on the way to the Psycho house, there was a female character who said "I have to tinkle", then proceeded to lift her leg and squirt us!


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