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WWoHP Phase II Predictions


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  • WWoHP Phase II Predictions

    Here's my predictions for "the Wizarding World of Harry Potter" Phase II in at Universal Orlando, Florida.

    Phase 2 will be built on the former JAWS location at Universal Studios Florida park, instead of Universal Islands of Adventure. From a business standpoint, this makes more sense, because it will tempt guests to purchase park hopper tickets to see both sides of Harry Potters world, as well as encouraging guests to spend multiple days at the resort in order to see all that Universal Orlando has to offer. Also, this will allow Universal to open more Harry Potter themed shops in USF selling the same merchandise as in IOA without being too redundant. Guest will be able to travel to 2 parks to purchase all their Potter Merchandise, thus making the company more $$$.

    WWoPH phase II at USF will represent the London side of the Potter world. There will be 3 main areas represented: Charing Cross Street, Diagon Alley, & Knockturn Alley.

    Charing Cross Street:
    This will be the first area that people may encounter entering the new 'Land'. This will be a representation of the real Charing cross Street in London. There might even be a parked replica of the triple decker "Knight Bus" from the Harry Potter films which guests will see when entering the land, in which they can take pictures in front of. Charing Cross Street will feature two points of interest from the films: Kings Cross Station and The Leaky Cauldron.

    -The Leaky Cauldron
    This will be the main restaurant of the land, serving much of the same food as the Three Bromsticks in IOA, including butterbeer. It will resemble the same "Pub" from the films where Wizards go to enter "Diagon Alley". There might even be a bar inside serving alcohol just like the Hogs Head in IOA. A Major fixture in this restaurant will be an entrance into Diagon alley, resembling a brick wall which has opened up to reveal a magical wizarding street, like in the films. It would be very cool if they did a mini-show where people could wait in line to see the brick wall open up, just like in the films, but this could be a logistical problem, so we'll see.

    -Hogwarts Express
    this Attractions entrance will be located in Charing cross Street and resemble Kings Cross station, in London. The attraction will be an actually working mode of transportation, which will drop off guests at Hogsmead in IOA. The trains used may not be actual steam trains, but will resemble them. The ride might start off as a normal train ride, but might go through a series of enclosed tunnels featuring huge projection screens, featuring scenes from the films, such as an encounter with the dementors, or the Flying Ford Angila, which will make the trains seem like they are going faster than they really are.
    The trains might feature separate cars for guests without park hopping privileges, so they can take a round trip back without exiting at Hogsmead, and might even feature a seperate filmed projection experience on the ride back. Most likely there will be gifts shops at the exit to both train stations featuring Hogwarts Express related merchandise.
    In the films, wizards have to run thru a wall to access platform 9 3/4 to board the train, but we'll see how they pull this off.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Diagon Alley
    This will be a replica of the magical wizarding street from the films except might be designed slightly wider for traffic flow reasons. In the films, wizards have to enter through the "Leaky Caludron" to access Diagon Alley, however for logistical reasons, the "Leaky Cauldron" will probably not be the only entrance to the street. The "alley" will feature many of the shops from the films. Just like in IOA, the "shops" will actually be one big store which will be divided into several interconnected sub-shops representing the shops from the films.


    -Ollivander's Wand Shop
    This location will be bigger than the IOA one, and will feature the "wand Choosing" show from IOA, however, it will feature 3 separate "show" rooms for better capacity, and a larger queue area. The show from IOA might even be closed and perminently moved to the new location in USF, with the old space being renovated for more shop floor space. Of course, guests will be able to by $30-$40 wands here.

    -Flourish & Blotts
    This is the famous book store from the films where Hogwarts students buy their text books, It will probably sell Harry Potter related books, but might be the main USF "headquaters" for most of the HP merchandise. It might even feature non-book merchandise displayed on book selves, and might be connected to Ollivanders wand shop.

    -Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions
    This is the shop where Hogwarts students buy their school uniforms and will sell such including sweaters, ties, robes,and even T-Shirts, hats, hoodies, and other attire. It will probably be connected to Florish & Blotts

    -Quality Quidditch Supplies
    This shop will sell Quidditch related merchandise including quiffle balls, snitches, goggles, hats, robes, and broom sticks. You can expect the "Numbus 2000" broom to be displayed in the window just like in the films. The shop will probably be connected to Madam Malkin's or Florish & Blotts.

    -Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
    This will be the big Joke shop from the films, and sell much of the same merchandise from "Zonkos" in IOA, except it will be bigger than Zonko's. It will also feature new merchandise specific to the shop including "Skiving Snackboxes" and other candies. "Pygmy Puffs" plush toys will also be sold here, and you can expect an "Adoption ceremony" to happen when anyone purchases one.

    -Sugarplum's Sweets Shop
    Although this candy shop isn't predominately featured in the films or books, I suspect they might build a recreation of this shop, just so they can sell the same candies from "Honeydukes" at IOA in USF. This shop might be smaller than "Honeydukes" and might be connected to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SugarplumsSweetShop.jpg
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    -Gringott's Wizarding Bank
    This will be the main E-Ticket thrill ride of the land, which well be a hybrid between a Motion Simulator & Rollercoaster. Imagine 'Spiderman' mixed with 'The Mummy'. Guests will enter the queue through a recreation of Gringott's banks, where they will board "Magic Carts" to access their vaults. As usual, something goes "terribly wrong" as the guests are discovered to be thieves, which leads to a thrilling escape. Expect a gift shop at the exit complete with on-ride photos available for purchase.

    Knockturn Alley
    Knockturn Alley will feature the store Borgin & Burkes, which will sell "Darks arts" related merchandise, as well as stuff related to Death eaters, Lord Voldemort, & Azkaban Prison.

    All this stuff is just and only my predictions, and isn't based on any top secret information. Let's see which of these predictions come true.
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    Re: WWoHP Phase II Predictions

    The train would be interesting--I know that's what the main rumor is and people I know who work in Amity (which is closing down) seem certain that this is what's going in Jaws' place. The only problem is that there's extremely little room for one. Directly behind the park is the network of backstage buildings, employee rooms, and back roads which cannot move (and even if they had somewhere else to go, would it be worth it to re-arrange the entire backstage area?). I would guess that if these rumors are true, they would use the same technology for the train as they did for King Kong at Hollywood--that way, you could make it an exciting experience while also hiding all the backstage stuff. But still, that small stretch of land that an enclosed train would take up still would interfere with the backstage area, especially the several crossing roads and stuff--unless they built in underground or above ground enough to clear trucks and employee shuttles, I don't see how they'll pull it off. But I can almost bet that if it happens, the 360 3-D technology will be implemented.


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