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Amity - A Photo Tribute


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  • Amity - A Photo Tribute

    Amity at Universal Studios Florida is closing to make way for a new land, so here is a tour of the former land! These pictures were taken in early November 2011, except a few from November 2008.

    Views of Amity from the World Expo waterfront:

    Entrance from San Francisco:

    Amusements area:
    The fictitious New England fishing village from the Film 'Jaws' was the focus of the theme of Amity, pinned to a particular time of year: July 4th. Next to the permanent buildings of the village was an area of amusements and games and food stands, supposedly set up for an Independence Day celebration.

    Several of the village buildings lined the informal cobbled street on one side and the waterfront on the other.

    Surf Shack:

    Amusements area near the Surf Shack:

    Boardwalk Snacks:

    More village:

    The street widened at this square, where the recently caught Jaws had been hoisted. This memorable icon acted as the entrance area to the land's ride, Jaws.

    Jaws queue area:

    Jaws loading dock:
    A waterfront viewing area between the loading and unloading docks provided a view of part of this mildly thrilling narrated boat ride.

    Jaws area village:
    The loading area and first part of the ride featured the outskirts of Amity along the waterfront; the ride's waterway was actually its own, separated from the park's main lake (upon which the other side of Amity was located). The ride traveled beyond the lighthouse and around a corner before encountering Jaws several times, out of view of the village, until returning to the unloading dock. I was an obedient tourist and did not take pictures on the ride!

    Jaws unloading dock:

    Village Circle Hall (restrooms):
    This was located at the end of the street before the theme ended.

    Amity 1990-2012
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    Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

    wow thank you so much for your great photos!
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      Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

      Looks great....too bad I'll never get to see it in person...whats replacing it?
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

        Originally posted by JerrodDRagon View Post
        Looks great....too bad I'll never get to see it in person...whats replacing it?
        Phase II of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
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          Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

          Great photos! Love Amity......hate those cheesy games.


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            Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

            Very awesome but very sad. I was planning on visiting USO this may mainly for this but changed my mind



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              Re: Amity - A Photo Tribute

              Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty bummed I missed this ride. I didn't realize the area around it was so large and themed so well
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