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Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.


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  • Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.

    Just got back from a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. I was down in the lower lot at 7:43 PM. Lower lot closes at 7:45. The sky was already black and lights were illuminating the surrounding area. I'd say the temperature was around 55*F. Only having two minutes left before all rides close operations and don't let me in, I decided to go with the longer ride; the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Choosing the Single Rider line (Since I always go by myself), and boarding one of the boats (Boat Number 4 in the front row middle seat if I remember), I noticed something...I was all alone in my boat. No one in the rows behind me and no one in the seats beside me. It was a very weird feeling. I am usually used to at LEAST one more person with me on a boat, but this was just me.

    So yeah, went up the first hill and ended up in that little turn. No other sound from anything else. Just the ride mechanics and audio track. The temperature combined with the mist that formed on my face from the first minor splash down gave me chills. And the more I thought about it, the more haunting the chills became. Suddenly, those giant doors swung open and my face was blasted with fog. Seriously, the fog machine was either broken or working too good, but the fog was THICK. How thick? Just imagine there was another boat straight in front of you. You couldn't see the other half of the boat because it was swamped by fog. Now THAT is just creepy in my opinion. Being alone in the freezing cold with the thickest fog I've been in surround me.

    But on the plus side, it really helped the atmosphere. Those two ultrasaurs in the lagoon were perfectly hidden by the fog until I was close enough that I had to look up to see them. That I have to admit is pretty cool. Just imagine the first ultrasaur on the left, okay? Now imagine you can't see him due to a thick fog. Now imagine as you close in on him, you realize that the beast is larger than you thought due to the fog. The other ultrasaur was pretty cool. As I approached, it ducked his head out of the fog and started staring at me (Along with the mechanical clicking of his neck. Seriously Universal, it's been months. See to it that his neck gets an oiling). Apply the same thing to those two dinosaurs to the left before entering the cave.

    Stegosaur Springs was pretty much what it was in the day, except night. I guess that being so alone can do things to me. Seriously, no joke. I started talking to myself (Mind you I always talk to myself in the privacy of my bedroom, but never in public.) I started making random remarks like "They need to repaint your tail. The paint's chipping off.","I wonder where the security camera is? HELLO? *waves hands in all general directions*","NO! Bad dino! No squirting on me with your water! It's cold!". Now I am dead serious that I said those things. Because I was alone, and when alone, I talk to myself. Guess the cold was just getting to my brain. To add upon that, I just suddenly thrust my hands in the air and start waving them around. I just thought, ahem, excuse me...said to myself, "I'm alone, so why not!?"

    A little further up the stretch things started going into creepy ville. The dinosaurs start going rampant and the place is being demolished. Why is it in movies that the maintenance areas have to be so dimly lit? Same thing goes to the backstage areas of jurassic Park (Not the ride but the area pretending to be the actual backside). The place was really dark man. There were no lights on the catwalks behind the fake rock wall at all. The screams of the people fleeing, cars crashing, the spitter dinosaurs spitting is sort of unsettling in a way. Same thing goes for going up the lift hill alone. Being attacked from every angle of the boat. Being the only one in the boat, I had to assume I was their target now. Imagine being the last one alive in a movie-esque situation. Everyone's dead except for you. Chills still went down my spine.

    I finally reach the final segment with the T-Rex attack and the countdown begins. Don't ask why, but I just lost it there. I just start yelling out "GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN" and count down along with it. I put my hands up in the air and start swinging them around. As I drop with the T-Rex finally attacking me, for some reason I just yell out in the most epic of voices I could conjure up by myself, "Is that the best you've got? SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF! WHEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee~!" And the next thing I know I am at the bottom of the fall cheering to myself and waving my arms in the air all soaking wet under my jacket which absorbed most of the water in the freezing cold. I then notice a group of people who gathered to see people go down the falls just STARE at me. They then break out into laughing. I quickly regain my public composure and pretend none of that happened. I think I started to blush. I looked at my picture (Which was awesome. Me going crazy alone in the boat. Didn't buy the pic though.) and headed for the exit.

    I swear this was written as soon as I got home. Memories are still fresh in my mind. None if this is false. All of it is true. When I am alone, I act crazy. So being alone on the Jurassic Park River Adventure in the creepy cold of the dark adds up to some REALLY strange things. Don't ask what compels me to do these things. I just do. I just wish I had proof to show you, because this sounds so over the top but true. You just have to take me word for it. Now, I have to be off. I need to get my rest. I think I put all my energy into that. Please excuse me if this post also seems a bit like a convoluted mess. I am tired and everything is a bit of a blur to me.

    ---------- Post added 02-19-2012 at 11:09 PM ----------

    You just watch. When I wake up next morning, I will look back upon this and ask, "What the heck was going through my mind when that happened"

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    Re: Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.


    The sad thing is, I probably would have done something very similar.


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      Re: Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.

      lmao very fun too read!!!

      Idk if it's the weather or a day&night thing, but when I go on at night the mist is really dense. Could be a coincidence though I've only ridden the ride at night twice before.


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        Re: Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.

        JP is the best when its raining. i remember when i was 11 years old going to USH to get my annual pass and then it started to pour.


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          Re: Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.

          I often act REALLY into a ride when I'm by myself. I truly think attractions were made to be experienced for one person. I find that I am fully immersed into it, even if I've been on it hundreds of times and that includes roller coasters.


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            Re: Being alone on the JP:RA at night in the dark is hilariously creepy.

            Great story!

            I find that at night and in the morning the fog is really thick. Probably has to do with temp. and humidity.
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