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Transformers The Ride Review!


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  • Transformers The Ride Review!

    Thought it would be a good idea to see what people are liking and disliking about the New Transformers Ride, also please note since it is in soft opening some effects might not be in effect to consider that in your review/rating.

    Ok here it goes...

    Transformers man, I've been waiting to see this ride ever since i saw the concept art and the rumors or at least 3 big transformers that would be in the ride (though this was part was scrapped for better or worst). With the Spiderman ride being on my top 3 rides I've ever been on (up there with Pirates and Splash Mountain) I was trying my best not to have my hopes too high so I could enjoy it without comparing it too much.

    The ride it self is pretty dam amazing if I say so my self, there are parts that use the screens/vehicles so well its just is a waste of time to watch the video's on you tube because they can't even get close to how well ride tricks you into making you apart of the ride.

    At one part you are sucked into a decepticon and it feels like your really going right through him, and to me this is just something that has not been done in a Disney ride to date, they use the screens in a way that it is something everyone should go and experience. Also I give the team BIG points for using REAL sets along with the screens I mean this really makes the whole thing feel just so much more real then say Toy Story Mania.

    Now for the more, negative points of the ride for me for one I don't have too weak of a stomach (can ride Star Tours and won't get sick) but on this ride I felt it on my first ride half way through a little...greenish (not about to throw up but a little unwell to say the least). So this is more of a personal thing but beware people if you get sick on simulators this one wont be different.
    As cool as the tech is, is a Transformers ride so if your not into the movies I don't think your care too much whats happening here as cool as big robots are I just don't really care who wins and I really don't care about the characters so makes the ride a little more boring since for me there no real suspense and it does not help that there are only 3 good guys and 5 bad guys in the whole ride....with such a large cast they really made it down to the guys we've already seen fight in 3 movies again, no different types of battles like Bumblebee vs Starscream or Megaton vs Ratchet. Just kinda disappointing with how long the ride is we don't get any cool battles from guys who never got to fight in the movies.

    Aside from those little complaints the ride is very very cool, and for most people that ride it will be fun and somewhat magical in the fact that its so advance that its not just a simple ride where you can be that was cheap because not one moment felt like that, this is for me a 9/10, its not perfect but its fun and I will be going on it more this summer, and I hope you get ride it too.
    Happy Halloween!!!

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