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What causes stops in Uni rides?

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  • What causes stops in Uni rides?

    What causes the ride to stop in rides like Spiderman, Transformers, JP, etc? I was once in Transformers and the elevator had not returned to the bottom of the lift and the car was heading towards that scene and it caused a Stop. But what exactly causes Ride Stops on other things like JP, Simpsons, etc?

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    Re: What causes stops in Uni rides?

    Anything. A short cable, a falty switch, an undone seat belt. The same on every ride.
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      Re: What causes stops in Uni rides?

      These rides are PACKED TO THE BRIM with sensors of all types, that relay information about everything from the seat-belts to the position of vehicles within the rides to the functionality of the scenery. Any sort of unexpected signal from a sensor could cause a stop.

      Most commonly, when vehicles take too long to load/unload and they back of out of the station, the ride vehicles on the track are forced to stop short of the station in their block sections, which can effect the timing of dispatch and force other stops throughout the ride.
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        Re: What causes stops in Uni rides?

        Thanks for the answers, guys. I thought it might have been something like that but I know DL and Uni rides can be a LOT more complicated then your average ride but you answered what I was curious about.