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Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

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  • Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

    I am going to USH for the first time on August 13th, I was just wondering if there were any tips for me to get everything done in one day!

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    Re: Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

    when do you plan on arriving?

    before 10 am: purchase your tickets online, go right to the gate and go to either Transformers or Studio Tour.

    after 10 am: check Universal Studios Hollywood: Universal Studios Hollywood Wait Times and Showtimes and see if its worth getting a Front Of Line pass. if not repeat before 10 am but with transformers first


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      Re: Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

      I would recommend getting there first thing, or maybe even 20-30 minutes before park opening if possible.

      Go directly to Simpsons. That line gets long quickly, is slow moving, and never gets shorter as the day wears on.

      Then immediately head to the lower lot. Ride Transformers, Mummy, and Jurassic. Re-ride as much as you would like and see everything down there that you can! You really won't want to trek those escalators more than you need to, for reasons that become obvious once you ride them. You'll have the area virtually to yourself, because most people go directly to the Tram tour.

      If you are willing to use the Single Rider line, Transformers will be about 15-ish minutes all day--although if it gets extremely long, they sometimes temporarily shut it down... just shop a bit, and try again. Mummy and Jurassic have single rider lines as well, but they only tend to open if the regular lines are quite long (30 minutes+). Ask an attendant at the head of the line if they are open or not, it never hurts to try, and they can save you a lot of time.

      After you feel satisfied you saw everything you wanted to in the lower lot (and don't forget the small museum near Transformers... it's easily overlooked), your day is a bit more free. Head back up and catch a show. Waterworld, even if you know nothing of the movie or could care less, is still a good show, and T2:3D are not bad either. Both hold a lot of people, so you can often even get in there semi-last minute.

      Of course, don't miss the Tram tour. But doing it in the afternoon lets you sit for a 45 minute break in the middle of your day. Even if the line is long, it moves very fast, and is fairly entertaining with the TV screens showing clips. Each tram holds a lot of people, and they typically really keep 'em coming. So don't let a long posted wait time scare you.

      Also, don't be afraid to exit the park in the afternoon and grab some food at CityWalk (Tommy's or Pinks for local fast food that I recommend), and just shop and relax a bit before returning back to the park.

      And again, if you are willing to use single ride, and want more rides on Transformers, you can go back down and do it again at the end of your day!
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        Re: Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

        Get there when it opens...and almost not matter how you do the park you'll do it all...but I'd say hit the lower lot first....after those rides do the Simpsons then the Tram...then hit the shows
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          Re: Going to USH on 8/13. Tips on doing whole park in one day?

          Just came back from a trip there a few days ago. Check out their website for the hours, they opened Transformers at 730 am on one of the days that we were there. Seemed like no one else knew, because so few people were there. We headed straight back to the end of the park for Transformers, then did the Mummy and Jurasic Park ride as well all before 830am. Then we made our way back to the front , seemed like everyone else was starting at the front and working their way back, so our plan worked out well. We only waited in line for about 30 minutes for the Simpons ride. My advice is get there early and start at the Transformers ride and work you way back to the front gates. Have fun! ( we went on a Sunday ).