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HHN Express Pass worth it (USF)?


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  • HHN Express Pass worth it (USF)?

    I'm planning on going to HHN in orlando this year for the first time. I will be going in early OCT on a Sunday and 59.99 seems like a lot for express access. I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to purchase or just go to the event without them. Tell me your experiences without the express and what you've done with them.

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    Re: HHN Express Pass worth it (USF)?

    Last year we went on a Thursday in early October and purchased the Express Pass. We were aprehensive because we thought maybe we'd be wasting our money for a non-peak night, but trust me it was definitely worth the money! Because we got a half an hour of early access, we were able to purchase HHN merchandise and get in three of the mazes without using our pass, but after we exited our third maze the event was officially open and it was PACKED. Later in the evening we went back to those mazes and used our passes to see them again.

    Without the pass I really don't believe we would've seen everything. There were two mazes near the end of the night where we had to wait about 20-30 minutes, but the regular line was over two hours long, so we didn't mind at all. We were able to see all of the mazes, scarezones, and shows, we stopped for dinner and had some blinky drinks, and we rode Revenge of the Mummy and JAWS.

    If you are willing to pay the upcharge, I'd definitely reccommend purchasing the pass, especially if you're not local and won't be able to make it back. There really is alot to see and do and it's all spread out over a big span of park.


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      Re: HHN Express Pass worth it (USF)?

      I cannot express enough how valuable express is at hhn.
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