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Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013


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  • Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013

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    Many people have been wanting a themed maze or Terror Tram based on the Jeepers Creepers films. Jeepers Creepers 3 will be released next year. John Murdy also does mazes that people always ask him to make, and i realized a lot of people do so maybe he might make one. He will probably think about it since the movie will be released next year. I think a Jeepers Creepers theme will fit the Terror Tram. This is how i think it should go. (If you have not seen both JP films you dont know what the hell im talking about lol)

    The Studio Tour host tells the audience that there have been sightings of a flying unknown thing at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Screen shows tapes of the object. The host also mentions that every 23 years, this object is seen around LA. They then star the tram only for a live person to tell the audience he has seen a flying creature and that he has followed it into it's lair. The person then finds many dead bodies that is food to the Creeper. Suddenly, The Person hears noises and runs away with the camera. He trips since the Creeper throws a sharp bone object (seen in JP2) which sticks onto his foot. The Camera shows the person in pain. The Camera has fallen as well. We hear the person scream since the Creeper kills him. The Creeper then walks behind the camera and flys to a far place which is Universal Studios Hollywood. The Footage goes off. The tram stops next to to a building since they pretend the bone weapon has popped one of the tires. The host then shows the audience this. (Since next to the buildings, someone dressed as the creeper is on top of the tram, this reenacts the scene in JP2, where the Creeper was on top of the bus) The audience gets off the tram and walks into the tour. There is many scarecrows in fields & rooftops. I don't know if it's possible but what if someone was in equipment that can make them fly around dressed up as the Creeper and scare the audience???? There is dead bodies found everywhere. The bus from JP2 & The Creeper Truck From The Original Film is in the tram tour somewhere. Then the audience is led into the Creepers lair, where many dead bodies are found in there and even people dressed as the Creeper is found in there scarring people. A Headless body is there like in JP2. More features from the third film should be reenacted in the Tram.

    What Would You Think Of This? Im a do everything I can to make John Murdy bring this to life and make a Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram. Everyone tweet to him throughout next years Horror Nights so we can get this! And in next year's survey try to mention this. What Would You Add To This Also?

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    Re: Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013

    I like the idea because I fell like it would work well as a maze...I just felt that the "Creeper" is just not that scary....I mean compared to Leatherface or Feddy
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013

      i think Jeepers Creepers is a great idea for the Terror Tram and i'll be happy to mention it on both Twitter and in the survey

      I'm still hoping to see some kind of use of the Hellraiser franchise at HHN, the Cenobytes would make for a great scare zone imho
      Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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        Re: Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013

        ^someone asked him about hellraiser on twitter. He said he's waiting for the remake to come out since it doesn't have much notoriety right now.

        Anyways, I think Jeepers Creepers would be perfect for terror tram. I was also kind of hoping with The Strangers 2 rumored to come out, that hhn would promote


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          Re: Jeepers Creepers Terror Tram at Horror Nights 2013

          Follow A Twitter Account I Made That Supports what fans want for the Horror Nights Event Next Year. Come On If You Want Your Favorite Halloween Movie to be brought to life, then Follow @2013HHN. The More Followers, John Murdy will listen and give us what the fans want.


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