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Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights


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  • Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

    Since we're getting closer to Halloween Horror Nights just wanted to ask what have been some of your favorite the past couple of Years?

    For me some of my favorite include

    Chucky's Terror Tram....I know I know it's not the best mazes but I have to give credit for one of the best set up ever both funny and cleaver to blame Chucky for burning down the backlot, it just at least has to be mentioned

    My Bloody Valentine while not the scariest either (and based of a bad movie) the design I just loved though for me ayway I always remember how much I felt like I was in a mine for most of the maze

    House of 1,000 Corpses - This was a great maze (though I am happy it's gone so we got something new) the 3D was good and the layout it's self was great, some really good scary's in this maze

    The Thing - This one just had a great design from the front building to the maze it self while once again not the scaritest I have to give it credit for its cool and different design and using elements like "ice" cold air to make it feel different then just another slasher Maze

    Lastly La I don't think the idea of her is cool...or her past scare zones but the mazes....was pretty great. They had some good scares from the statures, to just people hiding behind a wall all in all this mazes just worked for me and was a realy scary all the way through

    So What Mazes do you like/remember best and why?
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights


    Not only my favorite past HHN maze, but quite simply, my favorite maze from any event. PERIOD.

    This is one I'd love for them to bring back some year.


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      Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

      One of my favorite (Orlando) mazes from recent years was Winter's Night. The scenery was eerily beautiful. The facade especially, with its glowing lanterns and simulated snow fall, was a very striking visual. It wasn't one of the scariest houses I've seen over the years, but I don't get scared easily anyway. I just soaked in the atmosphere.

      I know most of you are west coasters who probably never got to see it, so here's a lights-on tour. It doesn't capture the full essence of the house in proper lighting, but you get the idea.

      Other all-time favorites include Screamhouse, All Night Die-In, Scary Tales, Castle Vampyr & Psycho Scareapy.


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        Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

        "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back in Business" was the scariest and best maze I've ever gone through! So excited to have Leatherface back this year!

        Other favorite was "Dead Exposure" from HHN Orlando.. the lighting effects disoriented you so much it made everything scary


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          Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

          Top 5:
          5) La Llorona (11) - Easily the best maze of last year, La Llorona was dark, gothic, and down right scary with amazing set design. The picture in the wall, the river, and the final scene are some of the moments that will stick with me forever.
          4) Friday the 13th: Kill, Jason, Kill (10) - Maybe Llorona should be here but I'm a bit impartial to Jason since he's my fav and since Camp Blood wasn't all that great of an HHN maze. This maze was fast paced, scary and very intense with some very brutal moments. Probably the ultimate nonsensical, gory kills maze.
          3) Saw: Game Over (09) - It was literally like walking into the movie. Very intense and scary for being based off a movie series that doesn't have a single jump scare in all 7 of its films. Not much of a story going on here but all the details made this a treat.
          2) Halloween (09) - It simply comes down to bias as Halloween is one of the ultimate slashers. There's scares a plenty in here with some of the most creative I've seen such as the vent, popping out of a cabinet and popping out of a random freakin' wall. Also, many scenes play out and it was awesome to watch each time.
          1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back in Business (07 & 08) - Is and probably always will be the SCARIEST maze of all time. The mood, the tone, the music, the sets, the scares, the very gritty feeling - everything about it was perfection. The dining room scene was the biggest scare I've ever gotten in a maze.


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            Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

            Dead Exposure. Hands down best maze EVER.
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              Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

              Halloween and the TCM mazes were my favorite. Halloween because it felt like we were actually walking thru the sets of the movies and also because of a funny experence. there were stairs that said do not enter and the people before us started to walk up them. they actually had a Michael up there and i guess they set off an alarm and he started to chase them down the stairs, scaring them! funniest thing all night


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                Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                i have 1
                Hotc 2010
                Why? well it was the first maze i went in after the tram and my god! really cool 3-d
                I got scared a lot and details were good.
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                  Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                  A nightmare on elm street. (Not the remake version.)

                  Had me in awe over how much detail went into the mazes and put me right in my childhood fears. Freddy is the best.



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                    Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                    1.) Friday The 13th: Kill Jason, Kill
                    I loved that maze. It just so happens to be my first HHN maze. I love the tone of the maze, the colors, the mood, the music, when you waiting in line and see the Crystal Lake sign and hear the music with the sound effects, you can't help but imagine what unspeakable horrors must be going on inside. Additionally, some of the sounds inside leaked out and you can see all the strobes going on, just amazing. Once your inside, you feel just like you've stepped into the camp. And really the whole maze keeps that feel of realism. The darkness and the high amount of scare opportunities adds to the realism. Just incredible...

                    2.) Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare
                    I'm a big fan of Alice Cooper and rock music in general. I love all the inside jokes John put in the maze like his nod to "Skeletons in My Closet", "Nurse Rosetta", etc,etc. Its full of little nods to the fans. Additionally, I thought the maze felt really fresh, unique and if you don't get scared, you'll at least enjoy the atmosphere. Also the smell in the Cold Ethyl room was so strong it almost made me vomit. Oddly, that made the maze more fun to me especially when looking at the monstrosity that is Ethyl to your left. Seems kind of fitting.

                    3.) Halloween
                    Sadly, I have not had the opportunity to check out that maze as my first HHN was in 2010. But from the videos I've seen, the detail is amazing. It LOOKS like you've stepped into the Myer's house. And it looks like its a real house. The windows even show outside scenes, there is a kitchen, faux doors, a bedroom, televisions in the house, it just feels real.


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                      Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                      my hands down all time fave HHN maze was from Orlando back in 2007, Dead Silence. the use of forced perspective and a pepper's ghost, that is by far the best maze/house i've ever been thru

                      my all time fave at HHN was Halloween in 2009, you could tell that John Murdy absolutely loves that movie and did everything he could to make it come to life, just a perfect expereince

                      I also wanna mention the Buffy the Vampire Slayer maze that was part of the last year of HHN Hollywood in 2000, before it went on hiatus. That maze we still talk about today in our house, it was detailed, scary and true to the TV show, I loved it
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                        Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                        This thread is bringing back some great memories! Here's my top 5:

                        1) TCM: Back in Business was the best both years it existed. The first year I went with a date with 2 other couples and it was great (high pitched girl screams always add to the atmosphere in a maze). The second year I went with 3 other guys after spending a day at the shooting range and one guy got so scared when Leatherface jumped out, he grabbed another guy and shoved him in front of him.

                        2) The Thing: Assimilation - This had some of the most impressive props, costumes, and sets of any maze. Some of those monsters were huge. I actually jumped out of the way (much to everyone's amusement) when one ran at me.

                        3) NoES: Never Sleep Again - I think this maze was underrated a bit due to it being based on the remake. The first two Freddy mazes may have been a little more fun due to some of the references to the classic series, but I felt this one was actually more scary. Plus the one scene where you had to make your way through layers of children's clothing stands as one of the most disturbingly memorable haunt experiences I've ever had and actually reminded me of what a sick dude Freddy was.

                        4) Halloween: The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers - The mazes in the old stunt show area have always had the most amazing sets, but I've always felt the layout was less than optimal for scares. Jason was always my favorite slasher and his mazes looked just as amazing as Michael's, but Halloween gets the edge for the hilarious Season of the Witch scene.

                        5) The Asylum - For many people this was the highlight of 2006 and I do wish they'd take another stab at a non-movie based maze. We had a blast in this maze in large part because the actors were really fun. They were really in character and interacted with us in funny, yet scary ways. This is something that has been completely lost recently as most of the slashers didn't speak and mazes like Saw and Hostel were more focused on the victims.

                        Best Terror Tram) 2006 because The Director was the perfect character for USH. Plus they showed the eyeball slicing clip from Un Chien Andalou and this was the only year where the tram tour guides seemed to really be into it (bring back the dirty jokes!). Honorable mention does have to go to the Chucky Terror Tram video.

                        Best Van Helsing/House of Horrors) Vampyre: Castle of the Undead - They had a lot of scantily clad, attractive vampires. While you're checking out the hot vampires, a scary vampire jumps out and scares you. It was the ultimate misdirection and we got more scares in there during Vampyre than every other year combined. I'm hoping they do something similar this year with the rave/nightclub theme.

                        Best Show) Fear Factor Live... just kidding, although I did like the Full Throttle sponsorship that year since it meant free Full Throttle samples. No, the actual best show, IMO, was Bill & Ted in 2008. It was an election year with an easy target for satire in Sarah Palin. The Bill & Ted's haven't been as good in recent years (they seem to be writing the jokes too far in advance), but it is another election year so I'm hoping for the best. They need more shows in general though.

                        Best Scare Zone) The Black Death


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                          Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                          I've got to go with Halloween (09) and The Thing (11). My reasons for Halloween are pretty well stated above. The Thing makes my top two simply because the puppets/costumes used in that maze blew me away. They were so huge and looked so unlike a human being that I was often very legitimately frightened.
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                            Re: Favorite Past Mazes from Halloween Horror Nights

                            In Hollywood my favorite has to be Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back In Business. From the set design to characters and effects, everything in this maze was spot on. You can usually tell where the scareactors are hiding but in this maze I had no idea where my next scare was coming from. I also thought the effect of having water spray on you as a man is being sawed in to was genius.

                            My all time favorite in Orlando is Nightingales: Blood Prey. There was not a single flaw in this effective and terrifying maze. I LOVED it!


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